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PorkPlaza.com is a pig lover's paradise! We
offer quality unique items from housewares
and kitchen items to fine collectibles and jewelry. This month we are featuring
beautiful woven kitchens linens in a variety
of patterns. Matching sets include woven napkins, placemats and towels. Chef aprons and oven mitts are also available.

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Leather Spinsters on the Web
Positive survival requires awareness, awareness of what is going on in the world inwhich we live, being objective, and secure in the path inwhich you chose to follow.

July 2001 issueGender Equality
Alvin Apple
The state of gender equality has vastly improved in the past few decades. Career, education and business opportunities have really opened up for women, and we are seeing successful females in many different situations. But have we truly reached equality? Even with all the improvements made, the answer is still, unfortunately, "no."

Manage Your Negative Habits
By Dr. Sharon House
Recently, Dr. Phil McGraw, the author of "Life Strategies" sat down with four women on Oprah to talk about why they haven't been able to take their excess weight off. It was music to my ears… here, finally, was someone talking about what I have said for years… to manage your life, eliminate your payoffs and you'll manage your weight.

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Retirement and Taxes
Doris Dobkins
By saving through an IRA, any interest or other earnings on contributions are either tax deferred or tax-free. This means that your earnings are reinvested and not reduced by income taxes. This tax benefit can boost your savings and is know as tax-deferred compounding.

How to Make Enormous Online Profits
Jay Conrad Levinson
Women are aggressively pursuing their own virtual businesses and are learning from the best on how to succeed with them. Reknown expert/author Jay Conrad Levinson shares some advice on how to competitively grow your business. "Quite simply, marketing is absolutely every point of contact any part of your business has with any segment of the public. It's amazing how many people miss this vital concept.

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