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PorkPlaza.com is a pig lover's paradise! We offer quality unique items from housewares and kitchen items to fine collectibles and jewelry. This month we are featuring beautiful woven kitchens linens in a variety of patterns. Matching sets include woven napkins, placemats and towels. Chef aprons and oven mitts are also available.

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July 2002 issueImagination: The Most Powerful Force
David Cameron Gikandi
Albert Einstein said the imagination is the greatest creative force. Not money,education, or luck, but, imagination. The imagination is the force that takes you to places you've never been. Are you using your imagination for your betterment or is it sitting idle?

Your Future
Doris Dobkins
The most important step to a secure retirement and a debt free life is to create a plan. Not having a plan is a plan in and of itself to be poor and financially unprepared.

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The Energy Zone
Julie Ginn
Hands down, this discovery has eclipsed every bit of progress that went before. Itís the missing key to surpassing health barriers to live a full, rich life. Not only will you have more energy than before, you will feel BETTER than you did twenty years ago. A wonderful balance that will last all month long.

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T-Shirt Politics
Pam De Montmorency
A humorous investigation into t-shirt wearing and bullying girls.

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