Leather Spinsters Newsletter July 2003 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter July 2003 Edition

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    A. The Tragedy of Human Hunger
    B. Destined or Determined?

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The Tragedy of Human Hunger

Have you ever people watched? Everytime I venture outside of my home I study the faces of those I come into contact asking myself if they are happy, sad, angry, or just plain oblivious.

Driving down the street you can't help but notice the frustrated faces of other drivers, no place more obvious than the freeway.

I have a theory as to why so many people find themselves irritated, angry, and enraged now more than ever. I think many would be surprised by what I'm about to share but it's worth giving some consideration.

Just as humans hunger for sustenance and water for their bodies they must also acquire new experiences and knowledge for which to feed their minds and spirits. Human beings were designed to be ever-evolving but when they cease to grow further they become fearful and stagnant (or hungry for growth).

There was a time people understood that growth and change meant something very positive, of course those people lived long ago, long before the propaganda of needing things to make you happy. Today all too often people run from any possibility of existing outside of their present comfort zone out of fear, fear of disliking or worst yet, liking the new experience. Humans are creatures of habit, be they good or bad, people cling to them like security blankets.

There are consequences for suffocating your instinctual impulses to obtain more from life experiences, and one of the consequences is a walking death. A walking death is not ever wanting to experience anything more than what you're familiar. In otherwords, to not fully appreciate all the wonders that makes life worth living.

When I speak of life experiences I'm in no way speaking of those shallow moments people like to air on talk shows such as extramarital affairs, promiscuity, loneliness, and victimhood.

No I'm speaking of what happens when we stop running from obstacles, the unknown climbs and turns of life we're conditioned to shun like poison. Rather than running, why not stand still and see each obstacle as stairs leading us up the ladder of divine understanding. Imagine all the wonders waiting for us to discover them, all we have to do is allow ourselves to do what comes natural, be curious and LEARN!

Regena English,editor webmaster@leatherspinsters.com

"I am statements are always carried out by the universe."
David Cameron Gikandi, A Pocket Full of Money (ebook)

Destined or Determined?

A sky-diving instructor was asked, "How many successful jumps must a student make before he or she can become certified?"

He answered, "All of them!"

Sky diving, however, is the exception. Is your life built on a series of successes? Do you usually attempt something new and immediately succeed, then succeed again and again?

More likely, you may find that it is the other way around. Your successes are often built on smaller failures. You fell off the bike a few times before you learned to ride. And you produced a few culinary failures before you baked a successful layered cake or prepared a satisfactory omelet.

Tom Hopkins observes, "The number of times I succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times I can fail and keep on trying." And Winston Churchill stated, "Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm." They both agree that discouragement, rather than failure, is the enemy of success. Those who can remain hopeful and focused, though they fail, are those who will eventually succeed.

In all, Emily Dickinson is said to have written more than nine hundred poems. Though only four were published in her lifetime and the first volume of her poetry was not published until four years after her death, Dickinson's success is attributed to the fact that she did not allow discouragement to keep her from her poetry.

Where would we be today had Emily Dickinson lost her enthusiasm for writing? Because she kept her desire alive, we now remember her as one of the great poets of all time.

It's good to remember that success may be just beyond the next failure, and you'll get there, not because you're destined to, but because you're determined to.

Steve Goodier Publisher@LifeSupportSystem.com is a professional speaker, consultant and author of numerous books. Visit his site for more information, or to sign up for his FREE newsletter of Life, Love and Laughter http://LifeSupportSystem.com.


    Being In Love

What an excellent article. A breath of fresh air in a "Noah's Ark" world. I have a boyfriend, but while we have not broken up, we have decided to make the relationship less "intense" and spend more time for personal development. I'm discovering it is far more fun that way being in love with life rather than investing all your emotions in someone else's concept what "being in love" means.

    Another Man Shortage

This lie is older than time. Women tell themselves there is a man shortage to hide the fact they are desperate for one.Rickie

Oh I agree totally, MEN DON'T WANT HARD UP WOMEN! 27,Chickadee in Minnesota

    Boycotting Women

Hi Regena,
Brilliant observation again. If I may add my 2 Euro cents worth, there are two things here that have always struck me.

Sure, people can say that these professions allow the woman to be seen a sex object. On the other hand, it is the woman who gets the money from someone willing to spend it on that form of therapy or entertainment (depending on their viewpoint/need). Provided she was able to actually choose this profession, then I personally can't see anything happening besides customary "supply and demand".

Also, coming from the UK, where all this is suppressed and sent underground, there are rapes and horrible sex crimes being perpetrated against even the youngest of kids. The news always seems to be full of it. It's sick and a symptom of a sicker society.

Here in Spain, where I have lived for 11 years, nudity is not made an issue of, sex is treated as something "normal", porn is openly sold and prostitution really is seen as "any other profession" -- yet "family values" prevail and such crimes are much, much rarer.

It is the attitudes and suppression that causes these crimes, IMHO not the "adult" industry itself.

Notwithstanding that there is a different and equally hideous form of crime being committed where women are forced, tricked or obliged into the business, I really do think that those who moralise should get a better grip on the realities.

With kind regards,
Pamela Heywood

If a woman choose to work nude she's being exploited and is the cause of rapes; but if she lays on her back to get a promotion in a downtown office building it's just work. This one touched home because after my divorce I worked as a waitress in a topless bar. Seeing how much those dancers were making I decided to dance. At the end of that year I had paid off my bills. Look I don't recommend topless dancing but I wouldn't take this option away from others to choose. I made the choice to dance and I cherish the right to decide for me how I want to make a living.Lisha

Yes I see the hypocrisy too. Those certain women you mentioned are always preaching women are their own persons but the moment they don't agree with another woman's occupation they scream exploitation, rape, or pedaphilia as if women are the reason these crimes exist.Tori

I fail to see the badness of women selling sex. I'm an Army brat and I lived in Europe for many years. Just about every European nation you go to have a "red light district" where women literaly sit in a window to get customers. You would think with a red light district in the city the crime rates for rapes would be through the roof but not true. I still refuse to believe women in nudie bars and porno movies are the reason crimes are rampant in some communities. These women are scapegoats.Elise

The family values stand is a crock used to trample others. Sounds like this woman is on a personal crusade that have nothing to do with the adult entertainment she's trying to boycott or family values whatever that may mean today. Kimmie

It is time women stop trying to have it both ways, we either have the right to decide for ourselves or we don't! Nona

When I was in college I was a topless dancer in a club. I chose a club out of the way so I wouldn't earn the "slut" title from the girls at school. The difference between me and them were they got nude for free at keg parties and spring break and I got topless to make money. I'm with you, who gave this woman the right to judge the XXX performer? Victoria

I support this woman in banning undesirables whose actions hurt all women. The adult industry exploits women just look all the drug abuse by women in the "business" there's a reason why they run to drugs. It's called humiliation and drugs and alcohol is used to hide from it. No amount of explaining that it's a woman's right to chose will change the fact it exploits each and everyone in the business and should be shutdown for the sake of all women. You bet I'm holier than thou and I'm right!anonymous

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