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July 2004 editionDifficult Being An Aging Single Woman?
Regena English
If you were to ask people in western culture which would be more difficult, to be an aging married or single woman, which do you think they would choose?

Baby Phase
Regena English
How to deal with the urgings to have children without regrets.

Trust The Power of Your Intuition
Claudette Rowley

Using your intuition will lead you in new directions and open doors you might not have otherwise opened.

You're Not Alone
Steve Goodier
Fear is an incapacitating, paralyzing disease. We all fear at times, but many carry with them unnec­essary and destructive fears.

Look Where You're Going
Edward B. Toupin
You will always go where you look! If you look ahead at a negative outcome then, indeed, you will encounter a negative outcome. However, if you look ahead at the ultimate Vision you desire, then, certainly, you will arrive safely.

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