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Everyone seek the key to happiness outwardly
but only the wise know it lies within.!

The Law of Attraction?

Do you know what The Secret is? I would be surprised if you've not heard of the movie The Secret by now. It's been floating around the internet for four or five months empowering people to finally take responsibility for themselves and their happiness.

If you ever get the chance to view the movie online via Google Video or on DVD by all means do so. I've long since stopped recommending movies but this one falls in line with the message of this newsletter. We, meaning me, you, the hopelessly unhappy neighbor, the nurse, the homeless person, any one of us can make our lives into wonderful journeys just by doing three things.

Those three things are, one asking for what we want. Two, allowing the universe (God) to answer which it does every time. Three, and this is the most important part, being willing to receive what it is you desire. If you do these three things you can design your life like an artist painting a scene on canvas.

OK do I hear murmuring? For those of you who are new to The Law of Attraction, which is by the way the topic of the movie, before you hit your delete button because you fail to see what this have to do with being a happily unmarried woman let me explain.

A few years ago I decided to change the focus of The Leather Spinsters Newsletter from the stereotyping of single women in this culture to a how-to manual on living life to the fullest. The truth of the matter is the original newsletter format spoke of leather spinsters (happily single straight and asexual women) but it didn't specifically address how other women could find this happiness when they felt like crap on the inside.

If you understand and apply The Law of Attraction in your life, irrespective of your current circumstances, you will be able to mold and shape your life in ways you never thought were possible. The fact is you've always used this law but you did so unconsciously and in err most of the time.

Today I'm asking you to ask yourself some questions that could change your life. What do I want? Give no credence as to how big or small your want is, just be clear about what it is you want. Can I accept that the universe will say yes to my desire and make a way for it to manifest? Am I open to receiving what it is I want or do I have doubts?

So now that you have some idea on how The Law of Attraction work will you apply it in your life or will you opt to stay as you are?


Regena English is the founder and editor of The Leather Spinsters Newsletter.


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If this site has been beneficial to you please consider donating a $1 to help support it!

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