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Life wouldn't be worth living if there weren't challenges. It's those challenges that renews our connections with ourself,others, and the universe.

June 2003 editionMammograms A Must?
Regena English
Have you done your research on mammography to determine if they are in your future?

What to Tell Your Child About Abduction, Pt.1
Laura Quarantiello
It's vital that your kids be aware of the danger of abduction, but at the same time you have to strike a balance: they need to understand that abduction happens rarely.

The Hazards of Fluoride
Ron Harder

Is the fluoride used in our water supply, toothpaste, canned foods and other products safe? Read this startling article and decide for yourself.

Enzymes Part Two
Ron Harder
One of the most common health problems is poor digestion. There are several reasons for poor digestion, two reasons are the inability of the body to produce enough enzymes, and the lack of digestive enzymes in cooked foods.

Pay It Off Or Keep It
Doris Dobkins
When you refinance, it's important to make decisions based on your personal and financial goals in life.

The Learning Moment
Russ Stiffler
The learning moment is when the student is ready to hear the message. Are you in your learning moment?

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