Living with Passion

Living with Passion

"To live life with passion gives it more worth."

Today we're faced with a dilemma our foreparents could've never imagined, how to be happy. All of us want to live long lives so we try desperately to incorporate as much information from the experts into our lives as possible until we suffer from persistent worry. It's a fact as long as we're alive we'll age, how depends on us. So this month our focus will be on living our lives as best as we can.

    "Live your lives as best as you can taking expert advice like grains of salt substituting good old commonsense in it's place. If you can't trust yourself then you can't trust anyone."

A. Be active. Exercise has more reasons than once believed. It's been proven that our disposition relies heavily on hormones that can be control by physical exertion. So when you find your having a "bad" day go walking,dancing,swimming and yes ma'am vacuuming the house could give you the emotional boost you need. Studies have shown people who are active physically are sharp mentally, who couldn't use extra brain power?

B. Eat according to your needs. Lately the definition of a balanced meal has been under fire and rightfully so. Everybody can't sustain optimum health on the same diet as once thought. So you, the custodian of your body, must find the right eating plan and pattern for you. There are many examples of eating plans available so sample them. Ask you physician for his or her advice on eating plans and be sure to get a complete physical before you begin your journey. In general, most nutritionists recommend a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables as best for aging well. You decide which is best.

C. Positive visualization of self. It's very important you see yourself in the best light you can imagine. If you should find yourself ill don't see yourself in your mind's eye as ill. See yourself being energetic,healthy, happy, and confident. If you hold in your mind these positive visions of yourself they'll manifest into reality. Make time each day to relax and visualize, practice makes perfect!

D. Enjoy the company of friends. Gather with your friends to share thoughts, ideas, or just laughter. Studies have shown persons with active social lives tend to live longer and happier lives.

E. Have a spiritual outlet. For some a spiritual outlet means to be apart of a religious organization and for others it maybe meditation. There are no real guidelines for nurturing the spirit but I do recommend people not hand over their spiritual development to someone else, ie,,, as in a cult. As with our bodies our spiritual selves have a need to be feed and it's our responsibility as to how we do so. Need some ideas go to your local library look up books by Norman Vincent Pearl or Robert Schuler to get you in the right direction.

Life is too short to spend it in misery so get out there and enjoy every minute of it!