Long and Healthy Lives Require Thinking

Long and Healthy Lives Require Thinking
by (c) 2002 Regena English

Thirty-two year old Kathi was told by her doctor she had a fibroid tumor and should have a hysterectomy. Like most women, Kathi sought a second opinion and the response was the same, hysterectomy.

Had Kathi sought a third opinion or better yet conducted her own research on her condition she would've learned a hysterectomy was one of three options. The other options are a myomectomy, which is the removal of the tumorous growth without harm to the reproductive organs, and then there was wholistic herbal treatments.

The simple reason the hysterectomy was recommended was due to it being a simpler procedure to perform, the most costly of the two, and is most likely covered by HMOs. It's obvious why the third option of herbs weren't sought, it's not embraced in mainstream medicine therefore it don't receive the credit and respect it deserves.

Kathi's situation illustrates two points prevalent in this culture. The first being our medical professionals are too eager to recommend evasive procedures out of convenience to themselves, giving little to no concern to the patient's needs. Secondly, there's an attitude within the medical community "inquire not as to why the disease,illness, or disorder exists, take the paths that benefits the physician".

There's a reason as to why we have growths (i.e. tumors), quite possibly their origins aren't from the sources we've been lead to believe. How many physicians take the time to investigate indepth as to why their patients suffer from growths,illnesses, and diseases?

Not many. To do research requires a special discipline most physicians lack. Finding the causes of their patients disharmonious health could lead them to conclusions that would shatter their conservative medical attitude and or training.

Yes, there are circumstances inwhich time is of the essence thus preventing a proper investigation into the causes, but these are few and far between. For too long doctors have been the first and final word on our health eliminating the need for us to think for ourselves.

You wouldn't have that attitude with your mechanic or plumber for fear they'll not fix the problem but leave you penniless, so why have it with your healthcare?

For the record, there are some God sent physicians whose only purpose is to make their patients well. I know this to be a fact because I was blessed with one when I suffered a decade ago with a thyroid disease.

My doctor didn't make patronizing remarks when I shared with him my research on my health problem, instead he encouraged me to continue. Not once did he say I'm an endocrinologist who knows all there is to know about thyroid diseases.

Thanks to Dr.Edgar Benavides' attitude, be responsible for your healing and get harmonious in mind and body, I'm a healthy woman today. How much is your life worth to you? Enough to do your own truth finding? The fact is, in order to live long and healthy lives we must take an proactive approach to our healthcare. No more blind trust and loyalty in a doctor(s) who may or may not have your best interest at heart.


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Regena English, the editor of The Leather Spinsters Newsletter for happily unmarried careerwomen and the author of ebook Leather Spinsters and Their Degrees of Asexuality. www.leatherspinsters.com Copyright St.Mary Publishing Company of Houston 2002
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