Make Your Life Happier In 60 Seconds Make Your Life Happier In 60 Seconds Years ago, when my nephew was in the Gulf War, I learned a valuable 60 second lesson about myself. I would come home from a long work day, watch the news and begin to feel overwhelmed and anxious about the news reports.

Then the phone would ring (they didnít have much email then), and it would be him in some port in Kuwait. He would be talkative, excited about his adventures, and telling us how totally safe a Navy ship was in the Gulf. In 60 seconds, my mood changed.

The lesson was that I had the power to do that myself. I could sit around and worry and be unhappy, or I could make a Conscious Choice to look for something that would bring the happiness to me.

Here are some hints if you want to do the same.

1. When life at the job gets boring and wearisome, wear something you normally wouldnít. You donít have to go overboard, but just add that little something thatís out of the ordinary. Maybe itís even your snoopy underpants that nobody has to know about but will make you giggle all day long.

2. Color is a great 60 second lifter. Drape a colorful scarf over the industrial gray chair in your office, or tie a wacky tie to your doorknob. Put a silly doll or cartoon character on top of your computer (I have baseball player miniatures on mine).

3. Laughter is the very best medicine for a 60 second lift. Find or phone a happy friend for a lift. Tell a joke of your own, or ask someone to tell you a joke. Look for something silly on the internet to make you laugh. Rent a silly movie, read the comics. Donít take life so. Laughter is available from a lot of sources.

4. Exercise is also a 60 second mood lifter. And no, it doesnít have to be long and drawn out and sweaty. If youíre feeling cranky and tired, just stand up and march in place for 60 seconds. Breathe deep, swing your arms (please close your door first, or you may lift otherís moods by supplying #3 above.)

5. Research has shown that hugging and kissing are excellent 60 second lifters. A hug and a kiss from someone important in your life is the best way to change a mood -- even if itís the dog! .

The point of 60 second mood lifters is of course to dispel the idea that all things have to be perfect in order for you to have a happier life. A happier life is truly just 60 seconds away from you at any given moment. Start working on your 60 seconds now.


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