Leather Spinsters Newsletter March 2003 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter March 2003 Edition

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Believe It!

Writer Norman Cousins tells about a football game at which a doctor found himself treating five spectators for stomach disorder. Each complained of nausea, dizziness and cramps. Upon checking, the doctor learned that all five had previously consumed soft drinks from the concession stands. In the interest of protecting public safety, an announcement was made to the crowd that it would be wise to forego drinks in the stadium because certain people were becoming ill. By the third quarter of the game, 200 people were reporting the same symptoms. Fully half of them were taken to a nearby hospital. Later in the afternoon the doctor determined that his five original patients had eaten potato salad from the same delicatessen on the way to the game. The potato salad, not the drinks, was apparently the culprit.

Word was spread and those who were sick immediately began to feel better. The fans taken to the hospital were sent home as their symptoms quickly disappeared. Which all goes to show the tremendous power of belief. What we believe to be true will often become true. And not only in matters of health.

The power of our beliefs will dramatically affect those important decisions we make. Like automaker Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or not, you are right." If you believe you will succeed or fail, you are probably right. If you believe strongly enough that something good or bad will surely happen to you, it likely will. And if you believe that your life can become no less than a beautiful work of art, your belief will make it so.

Mahatma Gandhi found this principle to be true in his own experience. "If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it," the Indian leader said. "But when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it, even if I did not have the ability in the beginning." Your belief has the power to marshal needed resources and attract people who can help. That belief, more than any other single factor, will bring about what you want in life.

Speaker Nido Qubein put it like this: "If you believe you can and believe it strongly enough, you’ll be amazed at what you can do." Believe it!
Steve Goodier Publisher@LifeSupportSystem.comis a professional speaker, consultant and author of numerous books. Visit his site for more information, or to sign up for his FREE newsletter of Life, Love and Laughter at LifeSupportSystem.com.


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Re-Inventing Yourself

Throughout life there comes a time when there is a need to change some aspect of ourselves. Whether it's our physical appearance or what we believe in - sometimes those parts of our lives that no longer serve us need to go. We have to re-invent ourselves and start from scratch.

Sometimes we have to peel away the old layers to see the new transformed versions of ourselves. And there are times, too many actually, where we don't want to change even though we know that we must.

It's hard to part with our old ways - habits and belief systems that we know we've outgrown but have become so familiar with. We hang on to the past because we feel that if we let it go a part of us has to go too. But that doesn't have to be the case. You can change yourself, re-invent who you are and still keep the memories, the knowledge of your former self.

We resist change as if by instinct. We're so stuck in our old ways and then something changes and we end up fighting it. The fighting, the resistance makes it harder for us to process the changes that are inevitable. This is when we need to just go with the flow and let it happen.

Sometimes what we fight the most is the best for us. Whether it's trying to lose weight or studying for a better position at your job, there comes a time where you know you have to make a change in your life. Yet even when we are aware of the need to change we still resist it.

In order to make the changes we need to make in our lives we have to stop the cycle of resisting change. We start making the positive changes in our lives then resistance creeps up and we stop, only to start again later down the road.

You know going back to school will help further your career. You keep putting it off and making excuses. 'I'll do it later.' 'I need to be home for my family.' 'I don't have the time right now.' Excuses, excuses, excuses.

What's the real reason you keep putting it off? Are you worried about how your co-workers might react if you get promoted over them? Are you worried about if you'll lose some of your friends if you change too much? Are you worried about the added responsibility of a new position?

You keep worrying about all of the 'what ifs' - things that haven't happened yet and end up staying stuck in the same position at your job. All the while, complaining about wanting to move up in your career and wanting a raise.

So how do you get out of this rut, out of this cycle? You want to change, but you're afraid to change, so you resist the change, and you stay stuck.

You have to release your fears before you can move forward, before you can re-invent yourself. You have to remove the blocks laying in your path so you can have a clear view of what lies ahead for you. Acknowledge your need to change and then honor your past, present and future by taking a step in a new direction. A step towards a new you.

Selena Richardson believes in following your dreams and creating the life you want. To receive more articles like this subscribe to Creation Daily by visiting http://www.creationjourneys.com or send an email to subscribe-cdaily@creationjourneys.com

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