Leather Spinsters Newsletter March 2004 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter March 2004 Edition

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It is Okay to Change your Mind

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted something to turn out in a certain way and no matter how hard you tried things just continued to get worse.

If you are like most people you will have experienced times when the results you wanted from a particular situation remained elusive no matter how hard you tried to get it to work.

Why do we keep hoping that things will work out even when the results of our efforts are telling a different story.

Somewhere inside of us we have this notion that if only we try hard enough, long enough, this "thing" will work out exactly as pictured in the mind. So we repeat the pattern of the day before, and the day before that, hoping that this time the result will somehow be different.

One of the reasons I have found for this is that when something is important to us, and we have invested a lot of emotion into getting it, we find it hard to accept the fact that we may indeed be wrong in our thinking and approach and so shut our brain down from other possibilities. We have a need to be right - after all we had the idea so it must be good because it feels so right.

After a while our thinking ability becomes so rigid that flexibility to develop new and better ways becomes lost until the time when we finally declare to ourselves "I have had enough". This then allows us the opportunity to think and see things in a new light.

This can happen in business, in relationships and in any area of our lives. Quite often it is happening in simultaneous areas at the one time.

To break the cycle we need to train the brain to focus on the results of our actions - what we are getting back from the actions we do take. If something is obviously not working then it is time to be flexible in our approach and keep changing until you find a way to make it work. Often be doing this a completely new and better solution appears than our original vision of what we wanted to accomplish.

Take the time to notice the results of your actions. If they are not working then change them until they do work. Be Flexible. And as Winston Churchill once said "Never, never, never, never give up!".

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***Editor's Note***
Ladies always remember it is ok to change your opinions and travel another path.Life is not about opportunities and choices being written in stone.

One Saved IS Two Earned

Most of us will do anything to earn a few extra dollars but are we just as willing to spend a few hours looking for the best deal when we make a purchase?

I read a GREAT quote this week and it really made me stop and think about the cost of spending money. The quote read as follows: "A Dollar Saved Is Two Dollars Earned!"

Let me ask you a question. If you got a $400 one-time bonus at work, how much money would you actually take home in your paycheck? Or, suppose you got a $2.00 an hour raise, how much would that equate to per hour in take home pay?

In the first situation of a one time bonus of $400, most people would take home a little more than $200. By the time all your deductions such as income tax, social security, and retirement plan contributions, etc. are taken, out, there's not very much left. We call the left over amount, disposable income.

I don't tell you this to depress you but to hopefully direct your thoughts on saving in a new direction. By saving a single dollar, you can achieve the same result. For example, if you are in the market for a video camera and you find one at a liquidation sale that saves you $200 on the price that you would pay for it full retail, the savings is about the same as getting a $400 bonus. If it took you two hours to find this bargain, your savings is worth $200 per hour.

Many people would be willing to work overtime or on the weekends or even get a second job to earn the extra $400 needed to buy a new toy, but they don't want to take the time to "save" some money. This doesn't make any sense. Being called thrifty should be a compliment. It implies a disciplined, economical and common sense approach to money.

Let's also tie this concept to credit cards and their interest payments. When you carry a balance on your credit care, and are charged interest, you have to earn about double that amount to take home enough to pay the interest.

If your interest charge for one month is $150, it takes approximately $300 worth of earned income just to pay that interest. If you make $20 an hour, most people think they just need to work 7.5 hours and that would take care of the interest when in actuality, it would take about 15 hours of work to pay the interest.

So, the next time you are tempted to spend money on something that is not really a need, think about it in terms of before tax dollars. Every dollar saved is actually two dollars earned.

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How is it possible to publish articles that address issues one is currently facing? It just seems everytime I have some hurdle in my life the leather spinsters newsletter provide solutions at the right moment. Gracias. Lupe

Last month you asked the readers did they love themselves. In all honesty I had to say no. Yeah from outward appearances I look happy. I have a good career, alot of friends, and all the material things I could want but I could not say I loved me or my life. Admitting that I had no love for myself made me ask why. As I read the article Are You Invisible it was very clear to me I identified strongly with Ellen, the pushover. Not seen, not heard, and allowed others to violate personal boundaries, that was Ellen and that is me. Now I know the cause of my unhappiness I can delve deeper and address the "whys" to me being the person I am so I must say, Thank you!Phylicia


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