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Divorced?Widowed?Never-married? Doesn't matter why you're single, are you looking to recreate your life? Go ahead work on your mind, body, soul, and yes your career. Check out our Career section!

March 2004 editionAsk for It!
Steve Goodier
Do you need help? It may be easier to get than you think. Just ask for it!

The Reason Nothing Happens
Edward B. Toupin
What are you doing to re-energize your life? Motivation requires an objective, a plan, and a reason. If any of these items are missing, then the reason for the pursuit of a dream disappears.

It is Okay to Change your Mind
Jill Black

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted something to turn out in a certain way and no matter how hard you tried things just continued to get worse? Why do we keep hoping that things will work out

Serenity Now!
Susie Michelle Cortright
What are you doing with your life? What should you be doing with your life? How did you find your job? Are you satisfied and challenged in your job?

Dumping Weight Loss
Susan James
Practice losing weight. You must apply some type of organized patterns for weightloss to happen.

Challenge the Universe
Edward B. Toupin
Whatever you desire, you can manifest by issuing a challenge to the Universe, your god, or whatever deity you worship. But, in the end, you are only challenging yourself to achieve those things in your life that you desire.

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