Leather Spinsters Newsletter May 2001 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter May 2001 Edition

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Single Women &Esteem Seminar a SUCCESS!!!!

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Find Yourself A Better Day Too!

by Tatiana Velitchkov
Copyright 2001

Don't you have those days that everything is going the wrong way? That nothing, and I mean nothing, is working out as it should be? Well, I do. Happily not that often, but still. And then I just walk away from it. If the problem doesn't go.Then go yourself. Just refuse to be feeling bad. Simple, isn't it?

It sounds simpler than it should be, but it isn't. You see, somewhere, somehow, there always is someone who, under whatever circumstances, always feels not as he/she is expecting.

The simple step to take is walk away from your trouble. Don't just try to forget about it. It's not working. Just go away and start to look and make for your self a brighter day.

Sometimes I feel like I am imprisoned, but then I realize that those who keep me imprisoned are me and my problems. Break free! You and me have the power! Call out for it! Open your arms and shout it out to the sky, to the wind, to the world if you want:

    I Do Feel Great!

Isn't that simple?

So many teachers tought me, through their wisdom, to break free. To break free from my own fear, to believe in myself, in my own intuition. To believe in it. That it will guide me through difficulties. To listen to it. To fight!

But what gave me the push to finally get it done, was an article about Ray Charles. America's beloved King Of Soul. Only yesterday I read in the Great Life Today ezine (GreatLifeNetwork) a very inspiring story about Ray Charles, The King, called:

    "Ain't good enough" (Ray Charles) 2.064

It is a short story from his life. In essence, how he became what he is today. How he got rejected by Lucky Millinder to play within his band and how the rejection made him practice, practice, and practice until he became the King of Soul. He call's it the best thing that happened to him in his life. These words of Ray brushed out the fog that was obscuring my sight:

    "I never wanted to be famous. I only wanted to be great."

It opened my eyes so suddenly that I became blinded by the light of the discovery! Don't ever let something, a problem, a family member, a friend even, don't let them stop you. Just shove whatever it is aside and go away from the influence. Let it for what it is and go find yourself a better day!

No one is going to tell you that it will be easy. No way! Most probably it will get more difficult with each and very step you'll be taking. But when you leave it behind you, you will feel finally free! And the freedom will open your eyes and your heart.

Do not pretend that you don't have any problems. Just push them aside for a day. Or two. Look at yourself, at the world, stay open to whatever comes into your mind and heart. Follow your deep inside voice. Intuition it is. What you love, what inspires you, what you enjoy.

It can't be wrong. You probably found whatever was meant for you and you didn't know. You forgot all about it. The society that we live in expects that we follow what the main stream follows. Parents, neighbors, colleagues. Forget about it. It is not you. You haven't lived your life until now. Neither have I. My new motto will be from now on:

    "I do not want to be famous, I only want to be great."

    Start every new day by saying something like it to yourself. Give your inner voice an incentive, a push.

    Push toward your own self, the real you. Walk away from everything that tries to stop you.

Find Yourself a Better Day Too!

Tatiana Velitchkov

Tatiana is the owner/publisher of The Fortunes
Ezine and the 3 Fortunes web sites.
& http://www.getyourfortune.com
Be welcome to subscribe to the ezine and visit the sites.

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Spinster Letters

I really enjoy the newsletter and I hope you do a followup to your article on Single,Black, Female. Vanessa

I didn't find Single, Black, Female as uplifting as the praises of it in the past two months. Actually the article revealed a sadness a group of women have to live through. To be turned off with men to the point you don't care if you ever have a relationship with another is heartbreaking. Women and men were put on this planet to be apart of each other's lives not to be separated by mistrust. Liz

Good day all,
I found this newsletter after a friend said that she read there was a newsletter for single girls. I spent many hours reading the archives after I found the site. This is really a great newsletter, too bad not ever woman read it. Single women that is. Keep up the great work. Kate

Leather spinsters,
I'm having the hardest time resolving my feelings after a recent break up with my spouse. I know it would be destructive to go back to him after he cheated on me innumerable times, said he loved his mistress and not me I can't take being alone. I wish I could muster the attitude like people I've read in the newsletter, be happy by myself but I can't it don't feel right for me to be without a man, not even for a short time. Please tell me what I should do to ease this pain. Desperate for an answer in Tacoma

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Dear Desperate,
There's not a woman on this planet that don't know how it feels to be hurt so there's nothing wrong with you feeling as you do. BUT...when you say you're willing to take any kind of behavior from your spouse just so you don't have to be alone is sad to say the least. Don't you deserve better?

Everyone goes through periods inwhich they try to reconcile their feelings about an ex so as to move on with their lives. You're facing your situation so don't run from it, endure it. You will look back years from now and realize this was another growing point in your life. Most of our emotional and spiritual growth takes place when we're having the hardest time coping with life's ups and downs.

Please don't think I'm being callous with your feelings but the only way to effectively deal with your pain of being alone is to be alone. If I could take your pain away with a wave of my hand I would, but my compassion for you would cheat you out of something greater. It's in that quiet of being without your spouse you will be able to get a grasp on what you need and want in your life. Self Discovery

As a person who has endured heartbreak on more than one occasion I pray you hang in there and know that this hurt will pass and strength will rise from it. Regena

Single Women & Esteem Seminar a SUCCESS!!

The seminar went on as schedule and it really helped attendees. It wasn't just the people attending the seminar that was blessed. Debi Sigrest a National Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics in Austin, Texas was the guest speaker and she was awesome. The seminar was laid back and people spoke freely about what they were feeling as unmarried women, simple methods were shared by both Debi and myself on how single women can get past feelings of failure and depression, and supportships were established between all in attendance. Folks the seminar will be going on the road this summer, starting in Fort Worth in June. It's time single women changed how they saw themselves and stop feeling as if life cheated them. I'll be seeing some of you in Fort Worth!!!

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