Leather Spinsters Newsletter May 2002 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter May 2002 Edition


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    A. A Pocket Full Of Money--Book Review
    B. Time for Change ... When your basic systems no longer work for you.
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Book Review- -A Pocket Full of Money

Often I write telling women to seek the power within themselves instead of waiting for others to run to their rescue. Why? It's all too common in this society for women, especially single women, to believe they don't have enough power to help themselves, therefore, they must endure stress and rely on others for all of their needs. This would also explain why so many people today are miserable with their lives, they feel one is the loneliest and least powerful number (remember the song). If only someone would explain to them how powerful each human being has the potential of being by relying on their "inner" power. But what does it mean to rely on your "inner" power?

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing an ebook by David Cameron Gikandi entitled A Pocket Full Of Money, I was moved tremendously by it. I was so sure the book was going to read like so many other money and self-help books I read in the past, another author instructing readers with misunderstood biblical quotes and closing statements of "think positive and everything will be alright". If only I had this book twenty years ago, all of the hardships I could've avoided, well that's water under the bridge now. I was pleasantly surprised how David managed to delve deep to explain the gloriousness of the universe and how we, as humans, have been blessed with unlimited access to the universe's unlimited power. Access to the universe,how?

Simply by the fact humans and the universe consist of basically the same elements and are connected subatomically, placing at our disposal untold amounts of creation energy. Mister Gikandi started A Pocket Full Of Money off by giving the definitions of wealth and money. Yes, yes I know what you're thinking, who cares about the meaning of wealth and money how can I get more of it,NOW? Also what does money have to do with self empowerment? Everything!

Money represent just one avenue of manifested energy, when you know and understand the basic principles of manifesting money you will be able to create into existence other materials and experiences. An interesting fact was pointed out by David, did you know our perceptions of wealth and money are determined by our individual experiences and interpretations, much of which could quite possibly be negative? In order to attain more of this money and wealth in our lives we must first know the basics. Believe it or not David cleverly gave an easy to understand rundown of quantum physics. Quantum physics?

Did you know we apply , although in many cases it's done erroneously, quantum physics in our lives everyday? Quantum Physics governs every aspect of our lives, notice I said every aspect of our lives. When we can understand how much in common we have with the universe we will better understand how we can manifest on purpose, like child's play.

Most of us in this modern world think impossibility is a given which gives many comfort in their miserable lives, but what a waste. The universe only operates from possibility, therefore, all that is impossible is impossible only because our thinking makes it so.

Who would've thought humans and our experiences are tied to the ever expanding universe? Not I. Mister Gikandi has the magnificent talent of translating what was once considered to be complex knowledge into simple reasonings that even a 10 year old could understand. You will have more "aah hah, I get it moments" than you could've ever thought was possible while reading this fantastic ebook.

A Pocket Full Of Money has really influenced my life in the most enlightened ways possible since being exposed to it a month ago. I discovered after my third read of the ebook I paid closer attention to my "inner" dialogue which revealed to me my "money" issues. Thanks to this publication I was able to discover and work on my ingrained negative expectations associated with money.

I wish I could share with you all the emails I get on a daily basis from souls looking for relief. These people are looking for solace from their mediocre lives of dreams never manifested, failure, loneliness, and feelings of being "lost". A Pocket Full Of Money is what I urgently recommend anyone, doesn't matter how successful (unsuccessful), happy (sad), or contented (discontented) anyone may think they are, to read this book. Lives could be made more glorious and exciting with just being exposed to the information David Cameron Gikandi shares in this ebook soon to be paperback.

For a long time I felt there was some hidden knowledge the average person was destined to not ever know or understand, and I was right. This ebook lays this hidden information at your footstep for you to act on or push away, it's up to you. It's my prayer you purchase this book and apply the uncommon knowledge to your life everyday, designing it filled with passion and purposeful living, setting yourself free from the limited and impossible thinking thought to be true by the misguided masses.
Regena English,editor

Time for Change ... When your basic systems no longer work for you.

by Edward B. Toupin

I've heard many clients and friends discuss how they just can't seem to move beyond their current situations in life. They can't find a better job, make more money, find happiness in relationships, or find fulfillment. The question I usually ask is, "What is your idea of the perfect, fulfilling situation?" They usually sputter a few ideas then stop and realize that they truly don't know what it is that would bring them fulfillment.

As we grow and change, we eventually run into the outer limits of our safety zone known as our "belief system." The belief system confines our existence, and consists of the knowledge and experiences that shape who we are and what we value in our lives. What was fulfilling, is now a burden. What was exciting, is now boring. At this point, we must learn how to extend, or change, our belief systems to allow us to move forward and find new meaning and new fulfillment.

--- Spheres of Belief ---

A belief system can be viewed as consisting of three distinct, yet interconnected, "spheres of belief." Each sphere represents an area of our lives that we maintain as our own secure zones. Our core values and beliefs that affect our daily lives are taken from the combination of these three spheres.

* Sphere One: The first sphere contains relationships and our interpersonal goals. It represents our interaction with others in our lives including family and friends. It provides us with a foundation of security for interpersonal interaction and growth.

* Sphere Two: The second sphere contains professional goals. This is the area of our life that supports the ability to work toward a vision with the knowledge to provide security for ourselves and our family.

* Sphere Three: The third and final sphere contains personal goals. This sphere contains our knowledge and experiences that define our personal desires, goals, and direction. This is also the area in which we store our personal identities.

The primary benefit of building and maintaining your spheres is that they provide a solid and definable arena in which you can live and work comfortably. However, the problem is that, occasionally, these spheres become too confining and eventually limit your growth. In essence, when you hit the outer wall of any sphere, you must determine the best way to increase the size of the sphere to accommodate your growth and still maintain your security.

--- Establishing Core Values ---

From birth, we constantly receive information from which we build and create a belief system and core values. The information comes from our environment, parents, people we feel are in authority, and various other inputs. In some cases, the environment is positive and in others, it is negative. Regardless, it is that with which we all learn to cope until it is familiar and comfortable.

For example, if we grow up in a loving, family environment, then we learn values that are essential to the creation and establishment of a loving environment. If we grow up in a hostile environment, then we will learn the values that are essential to maintaining a hostile environment. People always turn to that which is familiar, regardless of how wonderful or harsh, because familiarity provides security and acceptance.

--- Understanding Your System ---

In every case, you have to understand the various information and aspects of your life that shaped your belief system. When your belief system no longer provides support for your direction and desires, then you will be aware of what has shaped your beliefs to limit you.

When you do reach the outer wall of the basic belief system, you can become stressed, depressed, lost, and unable to move down your path. In this case, you begin to lose hope and simply settle into a lifestyle that is "just there" and you cannot go beyond where your system allows you to go.

You must understand your system to change your system. This is accomplished by examining the things that are important to you and determining the things that have shaped your beliefs. Some of these things, you will find, are no longer important and are simply holding you back. Other things, of new importance, appear just outside of your reach and cause you stress because you cannot reach them---unless you change your system.

--- Changing Your System ---

It is important to realize that if you always do what you've always done then you'll always receive what you've always received. To move forward and build on your current foundation, it is important to continually reinvent yourself and make changes to your basic belief system.

Reinventing yourself and changing your belief system does not mean completely eliminating the things that are important. Just as you would not quit your job without having something else available, you cannot expect to completely eliminate your current system and values and expect to succeed. It is a process of changing or eliminating the things that no longer work, using the things that are available to suit your direction, and determining how to acquire the resources necessary to reach your ultimate destination. It is a process that moves at your own pace.

--- What's next? ---

Once you're able to analyze your current system and determine where it is that you ultimately want to be, you will be able to determine the changes necessary to create a new and workable system for you. The next step is to implement your changes and become proactive in your life. You will then be on your way to a new and fulfilling life!

Good luck!

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Edward Toupin is a writer and life coach living in the Entertainment Capital of the World. He works with individuals to help them realize their potential and establish the directions that will bring them the most fulfillment. His upcoming e-book, "Align Your Life," provides insight into various aspects of life with some solutions to consider to help you move forward. Contact Edward atetoupin@toupin.com for more information.

Copyright 2002 (c) Edward B. Toupin. All rights reserved.


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