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PorkPlaza.com is a pig lover's paradise! We
offer quality unique items from housewares
and kitchen items to fine collectibles and jewelry. This month we are featuring
beautiful woven kitchens linens in a variety
of patterns. Matching sets include woven napkins, placemats and towels. Chef aprons and oven mitts are also available.

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Leather Spinsters on the Web
May 2002 issueMake Room For Happiness
Kathy Gates
If you want something new and different in your life, you must first make ROOM. Make room for happiness by moving OUT the old. Here's how you can ADD new dimensions to your life.

Time For Change
Edward Toupin
As we grow and change, we eventually run into the outer limits of our safety zone known as our "belief system." The belief system confines our existence, and consists of the knowledge and experiences that shape who we are and what we value in our lives. We must learn how to extend, or change, our belief systems to allow us to move forward and find new meaning and new fulfillment.

"Tax Lien Investing for Women"
is a 30-minute audio cassette available from www.taxlien.com. Featuring tax lien expert Lynn Featherly, this tape provides an introduction to the interesting field of property tax lien investing with an orientation toward women investors. In Lynn's long career in this business she has purchased over $100 million in property tax liens nationwide. $10 including shipping within the U.S.

Think Before
Doris Dobkins
As a single woman your money must be spent wisely so when you are going to make a major purchase, do your research and be prepared. Decide what you want ahead of time. Write it down. Determine your price range and STICK to it.

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Fear Cheats Us of Life
Regena English
99.9% OF PERCEIVED FEAR IS NOT REALITY BASED.Just think how much more exciting and fulfilling life would be if you were able to sort out unfounded fears instead of giving into them. Now you can....

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