Meditation and Energies

Meditation and Energies
by (c) 2001 Jeanette DeLangis

Meditation is far more than just taking a quiet moment to still the mind.

** It changes your energy over time. It changes that vibration within that is your magnet to the universe.

** You are getting a glimpse as to what it is like beyond the physical plane.

**You are traning your attention on the essence of the self.

That essence is who you are within the universe. It connects you to all things. It is the doorway to your higher consciousness and beyond.

Can you imagine a more powerful tool for your spiritual growth? It doesn't have to be long. Even if you only "tuned into" that essence within for a second during the day, you will get the results you want. It is a matter of focusing. Where is your attention? Do you focus on the lessons here in the physical most of the time?

If you focused more on that power within it would change your life here. You would attract a more positive response to all that you do in this physical plane. That energy would overcome the obstacles in your life. If you got up in the morning with a smile on your face and a song on your lips, imagine how awesome your day would be. Create your life from this incredible essence within. It is your power.

Please join me for discussion and a meditation on Tuesdays from 7-9pm [EST]

Jeannette E. de Langis, R.N.,CSL has taught people with with chronic illness to overcome pain and fear with meditation.She teaches them to tap into their own healing power. She has written many papers and a program "A Guide To Self Awareness" You may contact her at:

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