Winning Begins Within (or... “Getting the Wrinkles out of My Road Map”)

Where Am I Now?

The hectic schedule of daily living sometimes gets in the way of allowing us those quiet moments in life to reflect on what we truly want out of life. Our routines, family schedules, and manner of earning a living sometimes allow us to settle into a comfortable routine. And, in the midst of our routine, we lose sight of our previous goals, ambitions, or talents. The life we choose to live needs to be just that; a choice! It requires some serious thought, consideration, and internal reflection to ensure that the life we are living is the one we choose to live. How will we know our life is a success if we don’t know our own definition of success? If we take an inventory and decide that we’re where we want to be at this point in time, that’s terrific! But, if that very same inventory suggests to us that perhaps we’re missing out on what we really wanted out of life, now is the time to consider what we want to do with this new personal insight.
According to Dr. Denis Waitley, when we take a look at where we are now, we will want to look at eight different aspects of our life. They include: Personal, Family, Social, Financial, Physical, Spiritual, Community, and Professional. For each of these areas, we need to consider whether it is an area in our life that we are happy with or if it is an area we want to target for growth.

Why Should I Go Anywhere Else?

It is implied that our journey is one of personal growth. Perhaps that needs to be stated more directly. This is a journey inside. It is about matching our core values with our lifestyle. It is about deciding what we want our life to stand for and then taking the steps to “walk our talk”. But, before we can begin this journey, we need to consider whether it is really worth our time and effort. That is, what is our “Why”? And the answer to that question is different for each of us. The answers will likely be found after we have thoroughly examined the areas of our life listed above. It might be found in one area of our life, or in many areas. Our primary motivation for wanting to begin the journey of self-discovery and self-improvement might be to serve as a better role model for those we love. It might be intertwined with our spiritual beliefs. Or, it might just be something we need to consider to brighten our financial future. Perhaps a paradigm shift will open our eyes to financial opportunities we hadn’t seen before. Whatever the answer is to our “Why”, it can serve as personal motivation for us as we try to reach our newly defined goals.

Where Do I Want to Go?

Once we’ve decided to embark on this journey, it is important to have a destination in mind. In order to pick our destination, we need to find a place that “fits” who we are and what we are about. We need to spend some time to identify our core values. Put those core beliefs in writing. Where do we draw the line? What principles guide our life as we make daily decisions? Once we’ve identified these core values, we can then create our mission statement. What will our life be about? In the words of Stephen Covey, “Begin with the end in mind.” When we look back on our life in those final days, will we be content with what our life was about? Will we look back without regret? Our core values and mission statement should serve as our road map in life to guide us towards where we want to be. It will help us avoid wrong turns and see through the fog that can sometimes hamper the vision of the very best drivers.
Finally, once we’ve identified our core values and created a mission statement to clarify the meaning we want our life to have, we will want to return to that little score card we made on the eight areas of our life. Those eight areas will serve as our target areas for growth. These will be our destination.

What Are My Perceived Roadblocks?

We need to identify the roadblocks ahead of us. Then, for each roadblock, identify who puts the roadblock in front of us and create our strategy to ensure the removal of the road block. If it can’t be removed, then we will find a detour to get around it or the strength and flexibility to jump over it! We might want to pull in other people to help us on this one. The key is to identify the obstacles in the first place. If we can see them, we avoid the risk of injury that comes with driving into them!

Packing for the Trip!

The top of the list should include a Walkman. It provides continuous fuel for the journey. The mind is an incredible instrument that requires the very best fuel to function at optimal performance. The brain will believe whatever it hears most often. It only makes sense to continually fuel it with the finest positive, educational, and inspirational material available. The list of excellent educational, motivational, and inspirational audio programs is endless, and they are well worth the investment!
A few other items to pack include books and video tapes to address targets of personal growth. A pillow and relaxing music, or perhaps some perfumed bubble bath, to find total relaxation during meditation and self-reflection. A secure portfolio helps to keep all the well marked “roadmaps” and priorities organized and within reach on a moment’s notice. And, of course, throw in a few postcards with stamps to touch base with loved ones.

How Will I Reach My Destination?

A few of the driving skills we need to develop as we travel include: Visualization, Positive Self-Talk, Goal Management, Time Management, Changing Habits, Self-Acceptance, Creating Personal Support Systems, Embracing Change as a Challenge, Effective Communication Skills, and Stress Management. Each of these areas could be, and should be, a complete area of study. They are critical skills which enable us to manoeuvre through the more challenging conditions we will experience on our journey. Being prepared makes the rough spots feel less threatening to our success.

What Will it Look Like When I Arrive?

What will the typical day look like when I arrive? How will it be different from what a typical day looks like today? Using the eight areas that were examined early in our journey, how do things look now? Have we achieved our goals? Are the eight areas of our life balanced as intended according to our goals? Is this the place we planned to visit?

What Next?

What is our next destination? Well, let’s go back to the beginning, “Where Am I Now?”. One mile at a time, the most ambitious destination can be reached if we acknowledge that we are worth it! Best wishes for a successful journey to your preferred destination!

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