Leather Spinsters Newsletter
Leather Spinsters Newsletter

October 98 The first newsletter dedicated to Leather Spinsters and if you have any announcements,penpal requests, and or suggestions please send them to us we would love to hear from you.

A Word from the Principle

The purpose of this newsletter is to bring together the Leather Spinster community in an effort to promote fellowship to end the isolation many of us have felt in this coupled society. We hope to publish this leather spinster communicate on a regular basis with a focus on issues, businesses, and political matters of interest to our community giving a voice to the masters of silence. Any comments,criticisms,ideas,or article submissions to be included in future issues should be forwarded to Regena.

Explaining the Leather Spinsters Existence

Leather Spinsters have always existed, they were our aunts, sisters, neighbors, churchmembers, and the ever-faithful librarian., how could their existence be denied? What made these women stand out when compared to their married-counterparts were the fact that they were happy and successful with careers in a time when women had few lifetime options (1900-1960). Now more and more young women are opting for a life without romantic relationships, sex, and marriage, either temporarily or permanently. What’s so shocking to many people is seeing young women comfortable and unworried about pairing with mates and reproducing. Shouldn’t twenty and thirty-something women be concerned with their marital fates and biological clocks? When asked to explain what a Leather Spinster is I start by saying she is a woman that openly chooses to live and be happy without the usual accompaniments expected such as dating, boyfriends, illusionments for marriage and children. Yes there are exceptions to the rules, for instance, those that date or have sex once in a blue moon, it’s hard explaining to others who we are and why we make the choices that we do, which brings me to asking our readers to share their stories to explain those questions. Send your short letters to me and all attempts will be made to include them in the next issue.


NEW ADDITION TO WEBSITE.The Spinster Pen Pal Listing has been added due to requests of visitors to site wanting to correspond with others in the lifestyle. This will give leather spinsters the opportunity to meet fellow spinsters, persons they normally may not meet in their daily affairs, we see big success with this listing and we hope all will participate and enjoy.

LEATHER SPINSTERS AND THEIR DEGREES OF ASEXUALITY author Rle Eng has been doing very well and receiving rave reviews from critics and fellow spinsters. Copies are still available so get yours today!!

ST.MARY PUBLISHING COMPANY is looking for leather spinster writers, persons that can write stories with leather spinsters as lead characters. Criteria is simple, lead characters must be happily single women, no explicit sexual overtures. Themes can be horror, terror, adventure/action, comedy, and auto/or biographical. We’ll be looking forward to your writing material so get started writing your novels and collections of short stories. Request submissions form.

October 30th...................................... Deadline for advertisments,comments & articles leather@lycosemail.com..............http://www.leatherspinsters.com


Senior citizens everywhere are being victimized by no-holds barred criminals and if they have no family or close friends to watch over them they’re twice as likely to fall prey to those animals. Seems like a day don’t go by that you don’t hear how some poor old soul has been bilked of his/her life savings, when will we as good citizens say enough is enough? Just the other day my mother received a call from a so-called funeral director asking if she wanted to trade in her old plots for new ones and or to purchase a deluxe funeral package inwhich she could pick her own plots, PLOTS, now have you heard of such a thing? My mother and father are lucky they have five kids to rely on when funny business calls, but, what about those lifetime bachelors and spinsters who don’t have that advantage. I suggest that we form a network our single elders call on to intercept when they feel someone or some institution is pressuring them to buy against their will. Such a network would show solidarity within this chosen lifestyle and it would most certainly make fewer victims available to those heartless degenerates who make a living financially destroying the elderly. Remember this, someday we thirty and forty-something women will be the silver haired 80 year olds looking for support from the community inwhich we devoted our entire lives, now wouldn’t you want a network of people caring about your well being?


Living up to the images conjured by their name these women are obvious,outspoken,sirens,and serious. They're the extremes in leather spinsterhood, all for the cause, no more hand over mouth whispers about being an "out" spinster. For far too long leather spinsterhood has been kept in silence for fear the lifestyle would be of offense to others in the straight and narrow communities of the world. Now the cat's out of the bag, they're open about their lives and supportive of their sisters who are still held in captivity of guilt. Guilt from not living up to the expectations of their gender, guilt from not giving mom a wedding and baby shower to plan, guilt for not compromising their lives to accommodate a mate, just plain guilt for being themselves.

This year has been declared the year of the leather spinster, or the "dancing of the hag" by the extremists, either way it's their year of "outing" themselves. Shaking free of the constraints passed to them by their spinster foremothers they're unwilling and unable to stop the flow of progress, now with their growing visibility more women can see that it's alright to say "no to or limit their intimate relationships" while focusing entirely on self. Although, the extremists are usually hardcore asexuals they don't bash men or the history of men in this country. What a peculiar group, one would think just by acknowledging that they're the extremists of leather spinsters that they would be hardcore feminists, and or mutual aligners with lesbians, "whoo whoo to that, we don't buy into that bull.... that women are born victims to be used and abused by men, we believe in the power of the woman, the foundation of our spinster heritage. Our foremothers didn't ask for handouts, and special priviledges, nor did they accept any shortcoming on their part, and God knows they've been here on this planet since the beginning of time but yet they manage to have the kind of life they wanted. I don't know whose worse feminists or lesbians",as Bethany a extremist from Toronto said to me last week over coffee.

Don't think for a minute that these women are patsies just because they chose to be supportive of men's rights and the efforts of Promise Keepers, an organization that stirs the blood of a many feminist groups.The main reason this group overwhelmingly support Promise Keepers is based in principle, anything that give men a sense of responsibility for their actions in marriage, parenting, and community can't be bad. Just think in the last few years the focus on "deadbeat dads" and abusive husbands has been tremendous, and then came Promise Keepers whose main focus has been to re-educate men with biblical standards. Nancy a extremist from Tampa,Florida, "What do these women want from men, first they're complaining that they don't take care of the kids they made, then came the complaints on how abusive they can be, seems to me they should be happy that there's a movement that's encouraging men to be respectful and responsible for the people in their lives. Man, I think men are getting a bum rap in this society, nothing they do is acceptable to these women, and they accuse leather spinsters of being men-haters, hah, maybe they need to look into some of those feminist camps."

Marva an extemist from Texas had this to say about equality between men and women,"We believe that a equal society is a farfetched plan, now a fair society is more reasonable. Fair and equal do not mean the same so don't get caught in the war of words with those wild and out of control feminists groups. Men and women are not created the same, mainly because our bodies and minds were created differently for different survival purposes, therefore, the notion that we're equal is null void. Fairness is what feminists should be striving for not equality, fairness for all, here again something the feminists overlook so frequently. They want equality for women, doesn't matter if it'll take from others who are categorically underpriviledged or historically denied, they just want what they want with no cares if others are hurt by them attaining. As a leather spinster I want the best for all, fairness to all regardless to race,gender,sexual identification,socio-econo classification, all people!"

When observing other women groups you can't help but see their extremists and wonder if their outspoken and often frightening outbursts are helping or hurting their cause. That's not the feeling one gets when observing leather spinsters and their extremists, there's unity and loads of respect for each other that you don't see with lesbians, or feminists. It's as if they're all on the same accord whether or not they agree with one another. The ultimate goals of this group is to let other women know that they have yet another lifestyle option and there's no shame in choosing to live without or within limited contact of relationships and or intimacy, and that vision is shared by all leather spinsters.

This freeing of leather spinsters from the shame of their past has been long overdue and a welcoming sight by many spinster elders such as Dessie a 78 year old spinster in Seattle, Washington," growing up in Denton, Texas I saw the cruelty people could harbor in their hearts when a woman did well by herself, it was as if she was breaking the law for being successful alone. I can remember my mother scolding me for admiring a spinster lady who was also a socialite in Dallas, this woman was wealthy from her labors of love, her businesses. My mother pitied her in one breathe and despised her in another. I didn't understand that really I didn't. Secretly that woman was always my rolemodel and the main reason I left Texas in the 40s to be a businesswoman here. I think of myself as a radical because I took the chance of shame to be who I am today and I don't regret leaving home to do it." It's hard for older women to grasp unto some of the ideas pushed forth by younger ones but that don't seem to be the concensus with leather spinsters, it appears that their elders give limitless support of their visibility, it would be my guess that the reason for being so supportive is due to the memories of the struggles and biases they, the elder spinsters had to face in the past. The mere mentioning of extremists would upset any older person, pictures of discourse are sure to flash across their mind screens but I'm not sure that's how the leather spinster extremists are seen by their elders. I could be wrong but I do believe this group's extremists are just a more outspokened division and not hellraisers.

When I asked the question do the leather spinster cause spill over into the professional life to Drew a extremist from Oakland, California she had this to say,"I believe as my softer spokened spinster sisters that you don't force your lifestyle or opinions on others, so I leave my cause at home. That don't mean that my concerns and issues stop being concerns and issues while I'm at work cause they don't, I'm respecting my co-workers and I expect the same of them. I'm a doctor in a rather large hospital in San Francisco which means that I'm surrounded by "out" lesbians and homosexual men on a daily basis, as patients and co-workers, I wouldn't be able to do my job well much less do it if I'm preaching to others about what concerns me as a leather spinster. Besides I believe it's better to push for change quietly than to force it, it makes the transition easier, kinda like childbirth."

Do leather spinsterhood appeal to teenage and twenty-something women? According to my sources, there's an increase in interest by these two groups but only time will tell if these women will travel in the footsteps of the main populace the group's thirty-something women,but ask any leather spinster if she's worried and the answer will be an unequivocal no. Their comfort lies in the fact that each generation produces spinster women so there'll always be enough leather spinsters to be supportive and protective of each other.

If you would like to read more about these women there's a excellent book entitled Leather Spinsters and Their Degrees of Asexuality by Rle Eng published by St.Mary Publishing Company that's makes for interesting yet powerful reading. At this time there's only one such site and it's sponsored by St.Mary Publishing Company which sports a chatroom, bulletin board,guestbook, and pen pal listing page. I was told that there will be other sites popping up on the web real soon so keep an eye out for them.

Rae Lyn a 33 year old leather spinster in Houston. Currently she’s employed full-time with a financial consulting company spending her days helping companies get out of debt. On her off time she’s collecting interviews for a leather spinster composite book to be printed later this year.


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