Leather Spinsters Newsletter November 2003 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter November 2003 Edition

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    "A wise woman choose to be happy even when the world says
    she shouldn't be, that's living life on her terms". Regena English


    Rewrite Your Script

    You are the most important person in your life. As the story of your life unfolds, you are the screenwriter, as well as the producer and director. You have complete control over the movie of your life.

    How the story of your life turns out is dependent largely on how you feel about yourself. If you feel like Mr. or Mrs. Studley, you write the script of your life as an adventure. You invent obstacles that become challenges that are fun to overcome.

    As the victor, you get the spoils. You're the hero and as the movie fades out to "The End" you've gotten the girl/guy, the glory and the money. It all seems so easy when you are wearing the white hat.

    If, however, you think of yourself as the wimp, you write your story as a tragedy. The obstacles beat you down. Everything goes wrong, no matter how hard you try. Even a major triumph like winning the lottery goes bad as you lose all the money and end up deeper in debt.

    The story fades into a black empty screen, just like your life's story. Nothingness. Everyone walks out of the theater sadly shaking their heads, thinking what a shame. What a tragedy and what a waste of a life.

    The only real difference in these two stories is the point of view of the author. Fun adventure or dreaded tragedy. When you really get down to it, that is what determines most results in life. The point of view of the author.

    As the author of your life, your point of view of yourself will write your life's story. All the things that you tell yourself you are end up being true. All the stories you use to describe yourself end up being true. All the ways you talk about yourself end up being true.

    All these things together determine your level of self- esteem. The more positive your self-esteem, the more comfortable you are with yourself. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more likely you are to write your life as an adventure to be lived on your terms.

    If you noticed at the beginning of this article I said that as writer, producer and director you have complete control over your life's story. In writing fiction that is true, but in real life that is not entirely true.

    You have little control over many situations that confront you. You didn't consciously pick your parents, for instance. You didn't ask for the teacher you had a personality conflict with. And you certainly did not hope you would get cancer.

    However, how you feel about yourself determines how you react to and view whatever outside forces you confront. Your self- esteem is largely up to you. Your self-esteem is developed mostly from your thoughts and you have control of your thoughts. At least how you react to them.

    If you would like to take more control over your life and build a stronger self-esteem, start by taking control of how you talk about yourself. Start directing your life from a positive point of view. Catch yourself doing positive things, and pat yourself on the back. Direct your life as an adventure.

    2003 Copyright Russ Stiffler All Rights Reserved
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    **Comment from the Editor**
    This article is for all those women who feel life controls them and not vice versa. It's a reminder we're the ones unconsciously writing the scripts that makes us feel powerless and ineffective in realizing our desires. Today take back your power and rewrite your script to reflect the kind of life you want instead of waiting for it to happen accidently.

    Are You Patient For Manifestations?

    When you pray, send energy or whatever term you want to use, do you wait knowingly that what you prayed for would manifest? Did you know if you thought of a thing, that thing is automatically created somewhere in the universe? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? However quantum physically speaking it's quite true.

    If you're like most on this planet we throw our hands in the air much too quick, blaming God/the Creator/"the power that is", or whatever term you use, saying the prayer (intent) was useless. We have a hard time trusting our prayers (intentions) will manifest because we usually can't see immediate results, or so we think.

    It has been said your immediate results are the good feelings you have about the subject of your pray (intention), no matter how fleeting it may seem. As long as you feel good about whatever it is you're desiring that's your proof it's on it's way. Now folks, we're talking about things and circumstances not trying to influence or take control away from someone else.

    When you pray (intend) you produce energy, as you know energy can't be destroyed, meaning if you focus on what it is you want then release it (giving only positive thoughts of it) whatever you're wanting will eventually manifest. Yes, there are those who practive not giving any further thoughts on their desires after they've did the inital praying (intending) for it and the manifestations show up just as quick as those who only think positive thoughts of their desires.

    This is what happens when you throw your hands in their air with doubts your prayers (intentions) will manifest. A friend of mine had spent weeks seeking a part for his motorcycle without success. One day he found a person who had the part he wanted but this individual was asking for more money than expected for the part, money my friend didn't have at his disposal.

    By the mere fact he desired this part set into motion it's creation to be manifested into his existence. Rather than be patient and trust that the universe would bring to him this part at the riight time and place, he scraped and borrowed up enough money to buy the overpriced part.

    An hour after he purchased the part he sought for so long from this man, an old acquaintance approached him offering to give (yep, give) him the part along with anything else he needed for his bike. Tired of his shop being filled to the brim with stuff he wasn't using, this gentleman decided to give away the motorcycle parts.

    My friend felt sick when this guy out of the blue approached him willing to provide him with the same part an hour earlier he spent money to buy. It bears mentioning again, many of us get so impatient we can't trust the universe to provide what we want at the right time and place. It bears understanding that time only exist here in our reality, the universe don't operate off of a clock, so when we release a desire to be manifested we need to keep that in mind maybe that'll help us be more relaxed during the process.

    In our moments of haste for things to be created immediately we foolishly endure stress and strain thinking that's the best way to acquire whatever it is we want. After it's all been said and done and we're left feeling like failures (most of the time) and tired from pushing our way through life saying, "there has to be a better way." I'm telling you there is but we (you and I) must be patient when we pray (intend) for things and circumstances to appear in our reality. :-)

    Regena English,editor webmaster@leatherspinsters.com


    Greetings Regena,
    While surfing, I was guided to an article you wrote "Boycotting Women". I enjoyed reading your arguments and points regarding women and some of the roles they play in today's society. It does seem that the "moral-majority" is out to do a tap dance on our society without regards for the rights which this country affords most people who live here. While it is true that some of those who commit violent and non-violet sex crimes sometimes claim that it comes from all the sex propaganda that is around us on a daily basis. Yet, many studies have proven that this is not the case, the majority of the people are just plain perverted and attempt to use any excuse they can create to prevent themselves from going to jail or being punished. Again, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your points of view on this subject.Raya

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