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    A. Are you prone to holiday dread?
    B. Manifesting : Drain The CessPool

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Are you proned to Holiday dread?

The holidays are upon us, have you made any plans? I get emails every year at this time from women, and yes a few men, who are absolutely miserable and want help in dealing with their feelings.

They tend to be miserable because of two reasons, firstly they have too much time on their hands to think about what they think are their shortcomings. Secondly, they usually lack family or loved ones inwhich to share the holidays and would like very much not to be alone. So those who are dreading this time of year and truly want this year to be different make some plans.

I suggest this all the time but here goes. Volunteer with food pantries, toy drives, homeless shelters, or anywhere you can mingle with others in equal spirits for a few hours. Too tired to volunteer then here's another suggestion.

Attend or plan Quick Mixers.

If you're a little outgoing this may be the thing for you to do. Reserve some space at your local library, YWCA (YMCA), church, after hours at a local school, even the washateria. Place an ad in the neighborhood newspaper, print up flyers on your computer, or word of mouth inviting people who feel as you do during this time of the season to a Quick Mixer.

A Quick Mixer is a way for people to meet other people. It's not just for finding romance but can be used to make new friends, it's also a way to not be alone when you don't want to be alone. Serving food and drinks is optional and not necessary. Remember you're wanting to meet others not to pig out on food and drink. Don't hesitate in scheduling Quick Mixers throughtout the months of November and December. Most of the places I mentioned above would be more than happy to accommodate you for free or a minimum fee. Be imaginative but keep safety in mind when planning these events.

The object is to do something constructive and fun. No more wallowing in those dreadful feelings if you're prone to them during the extended holiday season by having activities mapped out. Now lets enjoy ourselves!

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Manifesting: Drain The CessPool

I just know that everyone here, knows or has heard that we create our lives with our *thoughts*.

Some of us didn't like the way our lives were going, so we changed our thoughts.

For some of us it was a bit harder than others to change our thoughts, but we did, and we changed our lives.

Some of us out of a years period of time spend more time in the Cesspool of our thoughts than up on the bank out of it.

A Cesspool is a settling tank of waste and sewage. Murky. Some of us have Murky Minds, and we won't to the work to move us from the cesspool.

We half stab at it. We have the same money life we had a year ago. We have the same unsuccessful relationships and health concerns that we had last year. We have the same jobs that we really don't want but convince ourselves we need. We run our lives by worst case scenario. Things could be worse, so we accept only that, and are thankful for it.We design our lives from: Well things could be worse.

Many of us just want our lives to fix themselves but without us doing any of the work. And what is *the work*? It's taking *inspired action*.

Inspired action is like a tow truck that has come to pull us from the cesspool pond. But still we have to attach ourselves to the steel cable of the tow truck.

The tow truck operator reels it down to us, all we have to do is grab it and hang on long enough for it to pull us from the sewage.

Some of us won't do it.Why?We are Lazy.

It has nothing to do with lack of courage. We are too lazy.

There is nothing wrong under the sun with being lazy. It's a light form just the same as all other light forms.

But for those that want magic to pull them from their lives, it only comes from events and experiences of others who have already grabbed that tow truck cable, and we did hang on.

If You......If I, if your sister, your brother, your children, want better lives, we all have to grab the cable, and then the next thing we see is the golden ring.......and we begin to reach for that. And many of us have grabbed hold of that golden ring too...........

And the cable, we left it for the rest of you. We don't need it anymore but are thankful just the same, that it was there.

Author/Consultant Susan James writes of User Friendly Physics and The Immaculate Physics Applications to our lives. From Millionaires to Weight Loss, Susan writes from personal application of Maverick Momentum methods. For information on award winning books and courses along with free e-media please visit the below websites: QMX2-PinkPortalMoneyTap-5andDimeMillions See Main BLOG: http://www.susanjames.org/news http://www.susanjames.org Both A Division of Vast Five Productions Copyright.

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