Leather Spinsters Newsletter November 99 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter November 99 Edition

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What's In A Word?

In this issue I would like to address the terms leather spinster and asexuality. Recently two senior ladies wrote me notes expressing their concerns with the terms and the negative impact they have on single women:
    Hi! Checked out your website after reading an article in the Houston Chronicle. A couple of comments and questions. The article said that part of your definition of a Leather Spinster is an upper age cutoff of 55. If accurate, why? I am 57 and counting, never married, heterosexual, not in a relationship, and as content as most people I know. And why choose the term "asexual"? If you are describing what is a valid, but previously unrecognized, lifestyle choice, then you need to coin a new term...one without the negative overtones of "asexual." My medical dictionary (I am a freelance medical writer) defines asexual as "1) having no evident sex or sex organs; sexless. 2) Relating to, produced by, or involving reproduction that occurs without the union of male and female gametes, as in binary fission or budding. 3) Lacking interest in or desire for sex." Is this really the best description of a Leather Spinster? You can argue that this is not your intent in using the term. However, since this IS the meaning of the term, you need to find one that is accurately descriptive. If this is the meaning you intended, maybe the age limit doesn't matter...I wouldn't qualify as a Leather Spinster on the grounds of not being asexual...Mary Carole McMann

    I have a problem with the usage of the term leather spinster. How could you use such a word to describe us, itís disgusting and should not be used. You should know better being a child of the South, you know very well about the negatives associated with that word. Can there be another word used instead of spinster and that damn modern term leather spinster? One of your issues used the term steel magnolias, why not call us that? Katy McBride 62

I thought a public acknowledgment of their concerns were in order with the hopes of answering questions others may have concerning the terms mentioned above. The term asexual or asexuality as itís being used in this forum refers to a woman not interested or desirous of romantic and or sexual contact. Iím in no way defining all the readers of this publication as asexuals. The truth is majority of our readership identify as heterosexuals, be they sexually active or celibate they identify as straight.

One of the purposes of this newsletter was to give women who were not gay and were happily unmarried a method of communicating openly with one another. No offense was meant by the inclusion of asexual women. Lets face it weíre all in the same boat as far as our society is concerned. Undesired, frigid, gay, men-haters, misfits, and lets not forget neurotics, take your pick of the words used to describe happily spinstered women.

When I started this newsletter I was aware of the possible misinterpretation of the title due mainly to my writing of a book on the subject. Many of my over 50 interview subjects warned me about their peers not understanding educated women calling themselves spinsters. I can understand why those women had a problem with the term ďspinsterĒ because there was a time inwhich a woman were punished with that word.

Young women today understand the power of words which is why they openly call themselves spinsters or leather spinsters. Those words donít have the burn for them as it may had for our older sisters, no disrespect is intended but this is a publication that see nothing wrong with being an unmarried woman or using the term spinster loosely. We, as individuals give words their power to excite or depress not the words themselves so as an individual you should find a word or words that accurately describe you and your lifestyle.

Lets not forget the age question. A woman can be a leather spinster at any age. I made reference to women between the ages of 30-55 because they tend to be more liberal thinking in regards to the term spinster as compared to their older counterparts. If you see yourself as a leather spinster and that term donít bother you then youíre a leather spinster. Only you have the right to define yourself, to permit others to do so can be careless and dangerous.

Ladies please know thereís no love loss because you have opinions different than my own or maybe some of the other readers, your opinions are valued and appreciated here for they widen the ďBIG PICTUREĒ called reality.

Oh before I leave this subject I must clarify this newsletter is not anti-lesbian. I mentioned above and in previous articles how spinsters were frequently referred to as gay in this culture. I said that so others would know thereís a difference between the two groups. Iím sure there are lesbians who refer to themselves as spinsters and thereís nothing wrong with that, but, unlike our gay counterparts leather spinsters donít have many forums dedicated to their concerns. As a leather spinster I felt the need to reach out to others like myself. The Leather Spinsters Newsletter was the most effective but unintrusive manner inwhich I could communicate with leather spinsters without the criticism of others in our society regarding our chosen lifestyle.

The footsteps of those proud spinsters that have gone before and those that are soon to follow.

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Spinster Letters

Iím inspired by your readers. They are so honest about their lives. I wish I had women like them in my life when I was a young woman. Maybe I would not have made so many mistakes by getting married. I have 3 sisters and I am the next to the youngest. All of my sisters were married early in their twenties. When the holidays arrived I felt sad because I was not married. I married for the first time when I was 32 but he was not faithful. I was not able to have children so he had them with other women. He left me when I was 40.

I married again a year after he left me to another bad man. I had enough of his belittling of me so I left him. I did not know I was the type of woman who was to be single all her life but I am. I was always so very happy when single until the holidays came then I felt excluded. I did not accept life without a husband until I left my second husband at 46. Yes my family told me to stay with him because he was a good provider but I did not think his salary was a fair trade off for his horrible mouth. I have always worked. I had to work when married to first husband because all his money went to his mistresses. I still work today at 72. I like having my dog and cat they do not curse and swear at me. Life is good when you live the way you want. I applaud your readers for sharing their stories.

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Inspiration Corner

I look forward to reading the letters in your newsletter each month. There were times I didnít think I could stand living alone another day but a letter in the newsletter would make me feel better.Thank you very much for being there when I needed inspiration.Mia


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Holiday Announcement
I don't want anyone feeling unloved or forgotten during this holiday season so I'll be monitoring the board throughout Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve. I invite all of you to stop by share your thoughts.

There's a new chatroom so if any of you are interested in chatting Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or New Year's Eve let me know and I'll post a schedule in the newsletter and ezine.

Smiles and blessings to all!!!

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