by Jeannette de Langis, R.N

I am a registered nurse and have worked with at risk youth for many years. These trouble children are operating on Fear.. If you back someone into a corner who is very scared you will see a lot of violent outburst just in order to survive.

It is amazing that in this advanced country of ours that we do not teach life skills in our schools. What if at the time of kindergarten, we were to teach about energies and understand how we manifest our life to us. Each of us resonate with a vibration. That vibration is a process. Created by our thinking and focus. If we are scattered and negative and live in fear, we will attract a lot of conflicts in our lives. If we are focused and see the positive things in life, our life will simply unfold for us like magic.

There are so many simple tools we can teach the children in order for them to become aware of that power within. If one has a lot of self confidence and feel they are in control, that is what will be reflected in their life..

What if we did a simple thing like have the children make out three list. The first list all of the positive things in them, the second list all of the positive thing in their lives and the third list something positive that happened that day. Have them add to the list each day. Very soon their focus will be on the positive things in their life. It will change their focus. This is far better than just telling someone they need to think positive. That doesn't mean much to most people especially children.

How about starting out the day in school by creating a circle and have each child look the the next child to their right and say something about them that is positive and what they like about them. Each day changing posititions in order not to repeat with the same person again.

So simple but so illusive. We need to start somewhere. What we do now is not working for many kids. I have a program that is self empowering. It teaches you how to change your life. It is geared toward the chronically ill but is a self empowering program with four tapes and a workbook. You have heard others say that if you want to change your life you have to change. Well this is a step by step program to teach you how to do that.


Jeannette de Langis, R.N.



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