Written by Mary Anne Thomas

We do the work; we expect immediate results. When we pray, we want our prayers to be quickly answered. When we finish writing a book, we expect to receive an offer from a publisher. Before we finish a painting, we want a commission for it. When we complete a sales presentation, we hold our hand out for the money. Is it normal to be so impatient? Yes! We live in a spiritual age . . . devoted to the manifestation of the spiritual into the physical . . . and impatience is the feeling you're supposed to have when you're ready to manifest. For example, a few months ago I submitted an article to a magazine editor and -- two hours later -- felt impatient. I knew that the editor hadn't had enough time to look over my work, but that didn't matter. I wanted my results!

With this issue of Mindzine, you're going to learn how to use impatience to manifest your results. Here's what will happen:

    1) You'll shorten the amount of time you need to wait for results
    2) You'll stop feeling guilty about impatience

First, let's make a list of words that describe our expectations. When we feel impatient, we'd like to . . .


We'd like to have our . . .


Now, we're ready to go after our results! For this task, we're going to use a new mind-body-spirit tool called the Dictionary Game. The Dictionary Game* enables you to focus long enough on your expectations . . . for them to manifest. With enough focus, the feelings behind your wishes are activated. Once your feelings are activated, your expectations are able to attract other expectations like them . . . until they form a mass. When a mass is formed . . . it becomes visible in our physical world. That's the goal of all mind-body-spirit work . . . to make our thoughts, wishes, expectations, and prayers visible . . . and the Dictionary Game enables you to accomplish it.

To play the Dictionary Game right now, just read along with me:

to make evident or certain by showing or displaying

Show: to cause or permit to be seen; to come into view

Demonstrate: to prove by reasoning or evidence

Display: to exhibit ostentatiously

Finish: to come to the end of a course, task, or undertaking; to bring to completion

Complete: to bring into a perfected state

Effect: to bring about often by surmounting obstacles

Accomplish: to succeed in reaching

Fulfill: to make full; to measure up to; to convert into reality; to develop the full potentialities of

Achieve: to carry out successfully; to attain a desired end or aim

Result: a beneficial or tangible effect

Benefit: an act of kindness; something that promotes well-being; useful aid

Gain: resources or advantage acquired or increased

Return: the profit from labor, investment, or business; something given in repayment or reciprocation

Profit: a valuable return; net income; the compensation accruing to entrepreneurs for the assumption of risk in a business enterprise

    Fruit: succulent part of a plant

    Reward: something given in return for good done

    Prize: something exceptionally desirable

    Results! It's a wonderful word . . . and it's working for you right now.

Written by:
Mary Anne Thomas
Author of "An Adventure of the Mind"

(c) Copyright 2000, Mary Anne Thomas. All rights reserved.

*The Dictionary Game is an important new spiritual tool that enables you to hold your focus long enough for your wishes to manifest. It's the tool spiritual students have been struggling to find, that provides the missing link in spiritual work. The Dictionary Game is featured in Mindzine, an e-magazine devoted to the power of words to develop the spiritual mind. To subscribe to Mindzine, mailto: (leave the subject line blank and type the word "subscribe" in the body of the message).


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