The Top 3 Resume Mistakes of Career Changers and How to Avoid Them!

The Top 3 Resume Mistakes of Career Changers and How to Avoid Them!
By Rita Fisher

1, Lack of focus in the resume

Are you going from a Production Manager position to Pharmaceutical Sales?
So…why does your resume start with this objective: “To obtain a challenging position that will provide continued growth, learning and advancement”


What does THAT mean?

I mean, if you are trying to change careers, you should probably be more specific about it.

Something like this:

“Award-winning, top-producing and dynamic Production Manager interested in applying proven revenue generation and rapport building skills in a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative position”

Now, that is specific.

2, Creating a chronological resume

Do you really think a chronological resume will be beneficial when you are trying to change careers?

I don’t think so.

Let me explain.

A chronological resume starts with your current position.

So, if you are currently a Data Security Administrator but you are really interested in becoming a Paralegal, do you really want to start your resume describing what you do on a daily basis as a Data Security Administrator? I didn’t think so. Employers looking for a Paralegal don’t really care to read all that.

Instead, look at your work history as a whole and try to slice it into different categories. These categories, or skill-groups will have to be the ones that you can transfer to the new industry, in this case: a paralegal job. These will be your transferable skills and your new – functional – resume will be built around them.

For example, what kind of skills did you use as a Data Security Administrator?

Research skills
Communication skills
Client services skills

Now, build your resume around these skills.

This is called a functional resume because these skills represent a function that you have performed in the past and will be performing again.

So, center your resume on the above 3 main skill headings and include RELEVANT information under each heading that you have pulled from your TOTAL COMBINED work history.

Call me at 812-375-6190, if you have any questions about the functional resume. I will be happy to answer your questions. Or e-mail me at (Finding transferable skills and transferring them for the new job is what I do best).

3, Listing only your duties and responsibilities

Nobody cares what you do on the job. I mean, if you are a Receptionist or a Sales Broker, you have the same duties every Receptionist or Sales Broker has, right?

But before you sock me in the head for being rude, let me tell you this.

Even though companies don’t care about WHAT you do on a daily basis they do care about the RESULTS of what you do?

What results, you ask?

Like: saving money for the company, earning money, otherwise called bottom-line results.

So, do you have results like that? Of course, you do!

Just answer these questions:

How did you contribute to the company’s bottom line?

How did you do your job better and / or more efficiently than someone else might have done it?

Consider the following 2 “job descriptions.” You tell me which one sounds better:

“Kept files, maintained up to date records.”


“Saved company $10,000 / year by developing and implementing a new and efficient filing system for all sales transactions.”

See what I mean?


Happy writing! And remember, a new career IS within your reach! Don’t forget, my team and me are here to help you create an awesome resume! You can reach us by calling toll-free at 866-645-6350 or visiting our site at : http://www.CareerChangeResumes.comor by e-mailing us at We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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