Sedona Stunning red buttes and monoliths engulfed with lush forests one could easily forget this is in the state of Arizona. Sedona is one of the most scenic areas in Arizona and has grown from a "out of this world" New Age spot on the map to a popular tourist mecca.

According to New Age mysticism Sedona is located in a "positive" vortex, therefore, it's a great place to re-energize from a hectic life or listen to the spirits blowing in the wind. I can honestly say the New agers may have a valid point about this town being located in a positively charged area. The scenery is breathtaking sending chills up and down the spine creating a permanent memory to recall after you're long gone from Arizona.

This remote spot in Arizona has grown from a town of 20 families in 1902 to a population of 16,000 today. Its growth due mainly to the influx of artists in the 1950s and the New Agers in the late 60s and early 70s. If you enjoy the outdoors or just cruising the antiquities shops and art galleries this town should be high on your "to visit list". It have the modern conveniences we've all grown accustomed to, plus a large dose of nature and its mysteries to keep you mesmerized.

Visiting the Grand Canyon? Then a stop here wouldn't be out of the question. There are daily flights to and from the Grand Canyon which is an hour away from the endless skies of Sedona. To find out more about this community and/or to get information on travel packages contact Premier Destinations 1-520-204-5658 . Need a place to stay while in Sedona? The KOKOPELLI INN is a plus, it's located in the heart of red rock country. Call KOKOPELLI INN 1-888-733-5656 they'll be more than happy to assist you.