Leather Spinsters Newsletter September 2000 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter September 2000 Edition

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    A. Protect Your Investments, Protect Your Retirement, Protect Your Income!
2. Note to Spinsters
3. Leather Spinsters on the Web Preview

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Protect Your Investments, Protect Your Retirement, Protect Your Income!

When asked, most of my clients admit they lack the liquid savings to make it more than 30 days without a paycheck.

When asked to list their most valuable assets, they will normally list their home, their retirement plan, their car, and their boat. Sometimes they'll add their "good health". But nearly everyone forgets to list the asset which supports all the others - their income! And it is an extremely valuable asset - in most cases, more valuable than all others combined. For instance, if you're 35 and make $50,000 per year, by the time you are 65, you will have earned $1.5 million (even if you never get a raise).

Now, think about this. How much do you spend on insurance each year to protect your assets? Homeowner's and car insurance are pretty expensive. And, compared to the value of your future earnings and the future value of your retirement plan, the assets you're insuring are relatively inconsequential to your future security.

What about the risk of loss? 33% of people will suffer a long-term disability before reaching age 65, 20% will die, and only 4% will have their house burn down. Yet almost everyone has life and homeowner's insurance, and comparatively few people carry disability income insurance.(1)

Disability income insurance isn't as fun or glamorous as investing, but it is something virtually everyone NEEDS. Assess your situation for yourself. I think you may find your insurance priorities are out-of-whack.

Michelle H. Wilbers of Women's Financial Services

The footsteps of those proud spinsters that have gone before and those that are soon to follow.


Leather Spinsters on the Web Preview

Do God Approve?
Is leather spinsterhood a sin? Why are perpetually
single women often victimized by their worship centers
and do God approve of their lifestyle?

Note to Spinsters

I would like to take this time to encourage you to join the steering committee for next year's conference to be held in Toronto. We have exactly one year to get things together and make this event the best it could possibly be. We want to attract leather spinsters from around the globe with this event and the only way we can is to plan early and wisely so our participants can make vacation and leave arrangements around the conference date. It doesn't matter if you've never worked within a steering committee before, the desire to make a difference with fellow unmarried women is enough.

Also I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all newcomers to this newsletter and I do hope that you feel you're surrounded by friends and share your life stories. This newsletter has been blessed in so many different ways, one of which is the good-natureness of the readers. Occasionally we get negative letters directed at letters, stories, and yes, me. They're all "good" for we can learn from them about ourselves and the world we live in. I said that to let you know your opinions are welcomed and appreciated so don't be shy voice about what you feel. Before I go I must encourage you to support events geared for women, especially single women. It's hard getting others to understand the importance of such events if the people it's aimed at will not support it, please take advantage of programs for you! Regena English

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