The Silent Interview

The Silent Interview

My chair was small in the office of my would-be boss. It was my first job interview since leaving the military. Behind the large desk, my would-be boss was explaining the job duties as his secretary.

He was leaning back in his very large chair, folding and unfolding his arms. I answered his questions with zest and zeal, eager to go to work for the federal government. During that time I was doing something he was unaware of. I was asking myself some questions about him and the office. Can I get along with him? Would I like to work in this department? Can I get along with the others? And I was analyzing his face.

I answered "Yes" to all the questions. I knew I could get along with him, because we both had small mouths and eyes. We were brief, concise, and to the point. Our eyes were close together. We got things done. Without saying a word, I knew how to approach him.

I answered these questions with the experience of a Face Reader (physiognomist). The face reveals a person's personality. The face is a road map of the mind. We got along great. Most of the people in our department were friendly and out-going (heavyset women). My work area was just outside my boss' office.

A few months later, an assistant manager was interviewing for a position. Around the corner I could see the interviewee. She was skinny, nervous, high strung. She kept pumping her crossed legs and twiddled her thumbs. I kept saying to myself, "Don't hire her. Don't hire her." She was hired and put in the middle of the large open room near the entrance. Five months later, she had a nervous breakdown and was gone.

My face reading experience indicated, she should have been given another job in her own little corner to work by herself. Reading faces during an interview does ork. After 15 years of researching faces here's a few tips for the interview.


1. Turn your face fully towards those doing the interview, even if you must move your chair. Looking sideways can make you uncomfortable. Sideways glances may give the impression of slyness. Your prospective employer can get the wrong idea.

2. Show that you are listening. Be attentative. Make frequent eye contact with everyone in the room as they address you, or by looking at each in turn.

3. Show that you are interested by nodding, smiling, and using appropriate facial expressions. Interviews are a combination of self-promotion and ingratiation. Try to show your most positive qualities. Find out what the interviewers are looking for and show them that you can offer it.


1. Fidget with your hair, tug at your beard, twiddle your moustache, pull ear lobes, or play with earrings. These are nervous gestures.

2. Rub your eyes or touching your nose. Yes, they are nervous habits, but they can also be construed as a sign of lying, half-truths, or giving misleading information.

3. Apply a lot of make up, cologne/perfume, unless you are applying for an acting or modeling job. Keep your appearance conservative.


1. A concentrated gaze

2. Sympathetic nods to indicate appreciation of points being made.

3. Alert lively eye movements.

Before and after the interview look around the work area, observe the people. Can you get along with them?

Kathy Thompson a Writer/Speaker/Consultant provides Career/Personnel Counseling, Personality Profiles, and customized workshops. Other products and programs are available. As one of the few Face Readers in the country, Kathy has been on television, radio, and in newspapers. contact Kathy at 512.353.7663, or write Thompson Enterprises, 1348 Thorpe Lane #602, San Marcos, TX 78666.

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