HAPPY AND SINGLE? Happy and Single?

Recently an article was written asking single women over the age of thirty two questions. Were they happy being single and did they agree with the notion a woman is happiest married? I found it odd but yet not surprising how women were still faced with questions about how happy they could be without a husband.

The response of the women in this article were clear , they felt complete and were happy and did not feel a loss in their lives being without a spouse. These women live their lives unlike most single women, they live it on purpose and don't care how they may appear to others in society.

It's not common for these women to show how they feel about themselves with slogans like "Single women are doing it for themselves", "I don't worry about being a single woman, life's complicated enough", "There's no shame in the word spinster", "There's nothing more beautiful than a happy woman", and the most popular of all is "Spinster University Alumni" on their shirts, caps, bumper stickers, clocks, and mugs.

Further evidence that age, gender, and marital status does not determine happiness!

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