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Babysitting Club Kevin Merida and Richard Leiby of the Washington Times raised a interesting question about our society in their article entitled Are Recent Tragic Events Evident of a Decaying Culture? Is our culture in a moral decline leaving the children to suffer the consequences? According to these two reporters the answer is yes.

    "In what used to be the dark corners of our culture, there is a prime time cartoon with a neo-nazi character, movies that leave teenagers gutted like game, fashion designers peddling black leather masks and doomsday visions. It's all in the open now with the countless PCs, killing is a sport."

The persons to help curb the consumption of childhood innocence are the parents through monitoring of the entertainment geared for children, music and movies that celebrate promiscuity, violence, and disrespect of parents.When children are left without adult guidance or worst yet insufficient guidance the results can be quite disturbing. As single parents you can only do so much before you'll need to join forces with other adults who share your child rearing concerns. They can be grandparents,aunts, uncles, churchmembers, and friends banned together to help you guard your child from those things in our society you deem unacceptable.

It has reached the point of turning to your "village" to help with the raising of your sons and daughters if your main agenda is to give the world positive well-adjusted adults. Babysitting clubs are popping up all over the country in both urban and surburban communities due to single parents who have seen the light of enlightment and wanted positive environments inwhich to leave their children when working late or treating oneself to a night of adult entertainment. Unlike other daycare centers Babysitter Clubs are run by parents of "equal yokeness", in other words, share the same basic and sometimes religious views on childrearing and have agreed on rules regarding disciplining,allowed entertainment, tutoring of shool work, and of course bedtimes. Most are religion based, requiring the kids in it's care to have dosages of bible studies and biblical entertainment while providing classes to advance the child in his or her mainstream schooling.

Babysitters are either parents taking turns or a trustworthy person who is paid by the group weekly to provide a specific intinerary of services while watching the members youngsters. This alternative to daycare can also play a positive part in saving your children from a childhood robbing world with it's reinforcing of good behaviors and morals as prescribed by the parents that govern them.

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