Smokers Beware!!

Smokers Beware!!

By now, most people are well aware that smoking causes lung cancer. Cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and chewing tobacco kill more than 434,000 Americans each year accounting for one out of five premature deaths in this country. Lung cancer is just the first in a long list of tobacco related illnesses:

    Bladder Cancer - Smoking causes 40% of all cases of bladder cancer.

    Breast Cancer - Women who smoke are 75% more likely to develop breast cancer.

    Cervical Cancer - Up to one third of all cases of cervical cancer are directly attributable to smoking.

    Childhood Respiratory Ailments - Children exposed to parents tobacco smoke have six times as many respiratory infections as kids of nonsmoking parents.

    Diabetes - Smoking decreases the body's absorption of insulin.

    Emphysema - Smoking accounts for up to 85% of all deaths attributable to emphysema.

    Esophageal Cancer - Smoking accounts for 80% of all cases of esophageal cancer.

    Gastrointestinal Cancer - Smoking at least doubles the risk of cancer of the stomach and duodenum.

    Heart Disease - Smokers are up to four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than nonsmokers.

    Infertility - Couples in which at least one member smokes are more than three times more likely to have trouble conceiving.

    Kidney Cancer - Smoking causes 40% of all cases of kidney cancer.

    Mouth Cancer - Tobacco causes the vast majority of all cancers of the mouth

    Premature Aging - Constant exposure to tobacco smoke prematurely wrinkles the facial skin and yellows the teeth and fingernails.

    Stroke - Smoking doubles the risk of stroke among men and women.

    Throat Cancer - The vast majority of cases of pharyngeal cancer are directly related to smoking.

While smoking has officially been recognized as a cause of lung cancer, scientists have also confirmed another tobacco danger, that breathing the air containing someone else's smoke (second hand smoke) poses many of the same risk as smoking yourself .

Doctors and Scientists have been reporting on the dangers of tobacco and smoking for nearly four decades. Many serious illnesses are directly attributed to smoking. If you want to live a longer, healthier life quit smoking today!


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