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Welcome to the world of leather spinsterhood, a world where a woman can be independent of a mate, celibate, and career-oriented without societal reprisals or guilt. For decades women faced a certain fate, marriage and children, falling short of society's standards for female blissfulness lead to ostracism, prejudice, and sometimes violence. Even today the images of womanhood remains the same as it were fifty years ago with few adjustments, women are still stereotyped as being their happiest in committed relationships with the hopes of the pitter patter of tiny feet. Today's spinster is shattering the womanhood myths perpetuated by our mainstream media, leather spinsters are speaking out letting it be known that happiness does not rise and set on being a couple, a woman can be happy and contented with life alone.

Spinsters today accept themselves as well-balanced beings, they understand that it's important to be comfortable with one's physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Comfort with the physical simply means the ability to be ok with the external appearances, to be desirous of self, and unaccepting of imposed limitations. Emotional comfort is the acceptance of God given talents, confidence to face difficulties and fears, willingness to love unconditionally, and the inability to see that the number one don't have to mean lonely. Spiritual comfort means to see beyond the physical realm and to believe that there's a force higher than humans inwhich to draw strength in trying times, love in the times of good, and the understanding of life paths.

The wisdom of leather spinsters didn't come with societal approval and acknowledgement, it drew ridicule instead. It's hard to imagine ridicule having such power but spinster sisters of the past had to endure harsh words, isolation, and suspicion. Here and now there are spinsters dealing with pressures from family, friends, and strangers to find husbands or to identify as lesbians, either way to "belong to someone". Those that openly refuse such "pressures" have their sexual orientation, gender acceptance (whether they are men or women haters), and religious faiths questioned. It's believed that no sane woman would deny herself a mate be they male or female and be happy. Leather spinsterhood isn't about self denying of love or affections, it's about being happy living the life most suitable for peace and tranquility, which for many means being alone. Some spinsters have found that they had enough room and love in their hearts to include children and on some occasions husbands, dispelling the notion that spinsters dislike fellow human beings.

Leather spinsters can look and carry themselves in whatever fashion they may see fit. The image of the haggard angry woman no longer suit spinsterhood, the modern spinster dares to be sensuous, confident, professional, soft, bold, and outspoken shattering the stereotypes from the past. DIRECTORY - HOMEPAGE - NEWSLETTER - EZINE - STORE - LIBRARY



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