Stress and Self-Destructive Habits... Partners in Crime

Stress and Self-Destructive Habits... Partners in Crime

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by Sheila Garghill

The need to become more health conscious becomes even more urgent in those moments when stressful situations occur.

We can all agree that the way to stop a bad habit is to stop it cold and don't go near it again. We tell ourselves that we can quit smoking, drinking, drugs, overeating... whatever.

When I decided to quit smoking one day, I found the longer I resisted the urges the less intense they were as with any cessation.

Once I had quit though, I realized how badly I had felt physically before and was uplifted and transformed because I had the strength to resist the terrible urges one day at a time.

It is strange that when something negative happens in our lives, one of the first things we think to do is something self-destructive... like picking up bad old habits once again. It happened to me once I had been laid off from my job.

What kept me from again turning to cigs? Not certain but I believe it was my reason for quitting in the first place. It was strength of character that I had developed and the place I was in when I had decided to quit smoking.

What about your nutritional habits? Yes, that is another way to ward off the blues and to keep you in there slugging away. Everyone knows that life is not fair, nor is it easy.

Sometimes we become preoccupied with our misfortune and put off treating ourselves well. Treating yourself well IS the answer though. When you do that, you reaffirm that you deserve to be treated well and things just naturally begin falling into place.

The body, mind and spirit all work together to get you healthy and to keep you that way. Feed it healthy stuff.

Easier said than done? I agree. alcohol, cigs, drugs, wild sex and fast food are all potential danger zones.

How rude... what else is there?!

These things are all short term fixes and the longer you depend upon them to comfort you, the more you begin to realize that.

Better to take a step back and analyze the situation with a clear head. Put off making the decision to lean on self-destructive habits. Make it a fighting effort!

Give yourself healthy alternatives. When you take a break, have a little treat. Try not taking rejection so seriously. Everything happens for a reason and what normally occurs is that you come back in an even better position than you were before the upsetting incident.

You can make it through situations whether you pick the bad habit up again or not. Why not try looking ahead to how much better you will feel AFTER you are back in your element again, when you can say to yourself "I DID make it through, didn't I!"

Sheila Garghill's background is in Engineering specializing in Cadd. She has been involved in Health and Nutrition and is a published author, both being her ongoing passionate endeavors. To see her latest venture, visit



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