Surviving The Madness Surviving The Madness

Americans are more disgusted, frustrated, and confused than ever before in the history of this country at least that's what mainstream newspapers are saying. After the dissolutions of the American job market to overseas countries with low (almost microscopic) wages, wars, and a very weird presidential election, people are wanting answers as to why this is happening.

Why? It's not the first time any of these things have happened in this country but it do seem that people are asking what's causing all the misfortunes to happen now and is there a common denominator. Greed is the reason.

Here's fact, greed is the root of all humanity's problems. Greed is the insatiable need for an individual or group of individuals to have more money and or power over others, to be in this mental state is to be in a state of madness. Ok now we know there's madness in the world, how do we survive the effects of this madness?

Many don't want to read this but here goes. Be less dependent on others for your well being. What, how do we do that? Save more money for the possibility of layoffs, you may never be laid off but at least you're prepared to pay for your living arrangements and other expenses for at least six months, a year would be ideal but lets be realistic. Have some other form of earning money operating in your life, translation, have a small business you can run from your house in your spare time bringing dollars to you. If you have a spouse and children, or just children, make this business one inwhich everybody helps out.

Make plans for a social security-less retirement. I know exactly what my parents receive each month from social security and it's not enough to be social on much less provide any security whatsoever. If you're younger than 50 then you might as well act as if there will be no social security available by the time you reach retirement age. Mind you I didn't say there wouldn't be any, I said you should act as though there wouldn't be and make preparations now just in case it is so.

Don't lose faith, faith is what will sustain you in any situation. No matter what your physical eyes see and ears hear, your faith is what you have to cling to, knowing everything without doubt will work out for the best for you and your interests.

Faith, n, 1. confidence or trust in a outcome,person, thing, seen or unseen. 2. belief not based on proof.

I've long held that single women should stop looking for a man to make them happy and choose to be happy with themselves. Well, the same idea applies to others in this society. If you expect the government or your employer, composed of other people, to make you feel secure you are sadly mislead, this is your responsibility.

You can expect the same result as the desperate single woman who married thinking by doing so she would know security and joy, she found disappointment. When you forever look to others to be your lifeline you miss the divine reason you're here on this planet, to discover you're a creator. Instead of suffering the chaotic madness of the world be the captain of your ship and sail in the direction you see fit on your steam.


Regena English, editor of The Leather Spinsters Newsletter (the first publication dedicated to happily unmarried careerwomen) at and founder of Asexual Pals Meeting Service for asexual and celibate adults.