The Learning Moment

The Learning Moment

You are familiar with the Buddhist saying, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."

That is what the learning moment is. The student being ready to hear the message.

Like everything, learning is a process. In the beginning, the student has no awareness of what is going on.

It's like learning a foreign language. When you first hear the foreign language, you have the impression the people speaking are in a race. The sounds flow rapidly from one to the next. It seems impossible for anyone to be able to understand such a language.

Once you begin to know the sounds of the different letters and you learn a few simple words, it seems like the speakers have slowed down a bit. You begin to catch a sound or a word that is recognizable. Their speech still seems incredibly fast, but you start to see how a native might just be able to understand the language.

And so the process continues. You learn more words. You begin to get comfortable with the sounds. You learn a few phrases. The language becomes more understandable. After awhile you are able to have a simple conversation. Then are able to understand a newspaper. Maybe you even get to the point of thinking or dreaming in the language.

It's a process. Novice to master. You have to go through all the steps.

Nothing happens when you are exposed to some knowledge before you are ready for it. You awareness level is not sufficient for you to understand the knowledge.

You could have access to the best business-writing teacher on earth for your new language. But if you can't have a conversation in the language the teacher cannot teach a thing. It doesn't matter how simply teacher make the lesson, you are not ready for it.

No matter how hard you study, you are still not ready for the message. But once you are ready, the learning is easy. It is like a door opens. Before, when the door was closed and locked no amount yelling, knocking or pounding on the door would open it. But once you have the key, it takes little effort to open the door.

Ok, so what does the learning moment mean to me.

Awareness. If you are aware of where you are in the learning process you are in a better position to learn what you can at that moment. And, when something happens and you can recognize it as a learning moment your awareness can help learn the lesson instead of missing the opportunity.

This could be anything.

Your child had fight at school. This could be a learning moment for him about handling arguments.

Your ad in an ezine didn't pull a single response. This could be a learning moment for learning how to write ads.

Every negative result could be the opportunity to learn what is necessary to advance to the next level of achievement.

Your awareness determines whether or not your can take advantage of the opportunity as it comes up. Your awareness determines when you are ready for the teacher.

You must go through the learning process. Open your awareness. Pay attention to the results of your actions. Keep learning and growing. Listen to your intuition. They all clue you in to your learning moments. The more aware you become and the more learning moments present themselves.

Open yourself to the learning moment and step closer to achieving your dreams.
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