Things Will Be Different This Year, Right?

Things Will Be Different This Year, Right?

Well folks, we made it through another year, time to begin again. Doesn't matter what you did or didn't do last year you've been given an opportunity to recreate your life the way you want it starting today.

For tens of millions of people the month of January is the month of resolutions, by the middle of February more than three quarters of those pledging New Year's Resolutions the month before would have already given up on ever achieving them.

This month the resolutions often made by single women are to lose weight, find "mister right", and be happy. Losing weight may be hard for some but generally speaking it's alot easier to accomplish then finding "mister right" and being happy. Being happy is a state of mind and would require us to give up old but comfortable ways of thinking, the addage, "old habits die hard," comes to mind.

Now before you feel discouraged about my previous statements on finding "mister right" and being happy, think about this. If you're happy any goals you set for yourself are bound to be reached. Where's the logic? Quantum physically speaking, the reason being happy is the key to success in every aspect of your life is due to the focus factor, where ever you place your focus and the mental state generated by that focus you will create attraction. Have a few moments you can dedicate to reading? If so, read A Pocket Full Of Money by David Cameron Gikandi, this informative book clearly explain to the novice how they can master creating the lives they desire. Get this book.

It's a fact I'm not encouraging women to seek out "mister right", no I'm encouraging them to find "miss right", that guilt-free happy to be alive woman, that resides within. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with a London reporter inwhich I made the statement, "for the new year many single women should make promises to spend 2003 looking inside of themselves for their "miss right" instead of making finding the ultimate husband their resolution." The reporter promptly asked, "why do you not like the idea of women resolving to find husbands"?

I laughed and said," there's nothing wrong with wanting and finding a husband, it's not about hating men or marriage. No, it's about so many single women finding fault with being single as if being single is a state of incompleteness. Marriage is a life option for women but not the only one. Unfortunately there's a mentality rooted deep in this society implying women can't be happy and feel complete any other way but in a state of matrimony. If a woman want a husband she'll have a better chance of attracting the perfect man for her by being able to love herself and choosing to be happy regardless to circumstances".

Just a little sidenote, are you wondering why I used the word "promise" when referring to women looking inside for miss right and "resolution" for finding the husband? Lets look at the meaning of these two words:

  • promise - a declaration or assurance that something specified will or will not happen.

  • resolution - a formal expression of opinion or intention.

  • As you can see those two words don't share the same meaning, one is a firm commitment while the other is just a stated intention. This would explain why women find themselves making the same resolutions year after year, there's no firm commitment.

    In this issue of the newsletter you will find ways for you to empower yourself to be the creator of your destiny, not just for this year but in years to come. Decide on which direction you want your life to take, make plans on achieving them, then find ways to hold true to your plans. I pray that 2003 is one filled with new leases on life, happiness, prosperity, contentment, and abundance for you. Now see someone is rooting for you, I only hope you take action and live your life to its fullest!

    Regena English

    Regena English, editor of The Leather Spinsters Newsletter located at < a href="">


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