Are you putting too much effort into success? You are . . . if you're having problems achieving success . . . or if the following booby traps have a hold on you:

1) When the effort stops, your forward movement stops
2) You're overworked
3) You're not receiving enough help
4) There's not enough time to do the things you really want to do

Is there a better way to achieve success, a way that is more effective than effort alone? There is . . . and Tiger Woods, the new golf superstar, knows what it is. The tool is your mind . . . and once you learn how to use your mind like Tiger Woods uses his . . . you will:

1) Need fewer strokes to get to the hole (in golf terms . . . less work)
2) Play in fewer tournaments, but win more money

How does Tiger use his mind? Noted sports announcers say "he is so focused, he wills the ball into the hole." Can you focus your mind like that? With the Dictionary Game*, you can. The Dictionary Game enables you, through concentrated focus, to animate the energy behind your thoughts. Once your thoughts are animated, they attract other thoughts just like them . . . until they form a mass. When a mass is formed . . . it becomes visible in our physical world. It's cooperation at work! It's millions of energy beams answering your call . . . helping your thoughts become real so that you can enjoy them.

Let's use the Dictionary Game right now to animate success! To play the Dictionary Game, just read these synonyms for success along with me:

Succeed: to attain a desired object or end; to turn out well

Achieve: to carry out successfully, to accomplish, to reach; to attain a desired end or aim

Fulfill: to put into effect; to develop the full potentialities of; to convert into reality

Attain: to come into possession of; to arrive at by motion, growth, or effort

Gain: resources or advantage acquired or increased; profit

Advance: to accelerate the growth or progress of; to bring or move forward; to lift up

Triumph: to obtain victory; to prevail

Prevail: to gain ascendancy through strength; to become effective

Victory: achievement or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties

Arrive: to reach a destination; to achieve success

Fortunate: to bring some good thing not foreseen as certain; to receive unexpected good

Fruitful: conducive to an abundant yield

Prosperity: the condition of being successful or thriving

Affluence: an abundant flow or supply; profusion; influx; wealth

Wealth: an abundance of valuable material possessions or resources

Your efforts will now produce better results! All you had to do was back up your game with your mind . . . like Tiger Woods does . . . and think your way to success.

*The Dictionary Game is an important new spiritual tool that enables you to hold your focus long enough for your wishes to manifest. It's the tool spiritual students have been struggling to find, that provides the missing link in spiritual work. The Dictionary Game is explained in the first edition of Mindzine. For a copy, look in the Library at

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Mary Anne Thomas is the author of "An Adventure of the Mind," a new spiritual workbook that teaches you how to manifest your dreams using mental and spiritual tools rather than physical effort. It's the true story of her own adventure with her husband following the death of their son, as they decided to find more powerful, more spiritual ways to live. Find "An Adventure of the Mind" as well as free articles that teach the wonders of creating with the mind at

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