Your Time To Prosper

Your Time To Prosper By L. A. Smith

Being Poor is a Sin

"Poverty is a dirty, uncomfortable, degrading experience. Poverty is actually a form of disease and in its acute phases, it seems to be a form of insanity. Poverty fills prisons with thieves and murderers. It drives men and women to drink, prostitution, drug addiction, suicide. It drives potentially fine, talented, intelligent children to delinquency and crime. It makes people do things they otherwise would never dream of doing." (Excerpted from 'The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity' by Catherine Ponder).

This financial vice began during the Middle Ages when the feudal systems were created to assure wealth for the privileged few. Unfortunately, many present day Christians believe that being poor is a spiritual virtue. A rich Father who is the King of Kings does not wish for his children to have a meager existence.

Surviving is Not Good Enough

You need to establish a prosperous attitude. God will supply ALL your needs. People and events that have worked against you will begin to work for you or they will be replaced by new people and events which will help you to become successful.

Meditate and say these two prosperity prayers daily--"The Lord is my Shephered, I shall not want." (Psalms 23:1); and "Be still and know that I am God." (Psalms 46:10). Remember, raise your thoughts and beliefs to a higher level.

Concentrate on Big Ideas

Dream it; and Do it! Write all the details on paper or use your personal computer. Write a plan or jot down your wishes for your physical life--housing, food, clothing, etc. Think about your mental life. Make time for reading, enjoying music, traveling, etc. As you continue writing your wishes, think about your spiritual life--attending church, seminars, meditation and prayer. Read your list and revise it as needed.

Obtain the 3-P's

Prayer is the most profound force in the universe. Pray for results by believing and thanking God for answering your prayer before it becomes visible. (Read Matthew 21:22). Receive Peace, Power, and Plenty by praying all the time. Prayer works; just strongly believe.

1999: Your Time to Prosper

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