Vancouver:Metropolitan Splender on the Waterfront
Vancouver:Metropolitan Splender on the Waterfront

Vancouver is the neatest city on the waterfront. The only city I can think of with the sea and sailboats as a backdrop for magnificent skyscrappers. Breath taking beauty few cities can match and is on my "must visit city" list.

The weather is splendid during April thru September in regards to sunny skies and mild temperatures. High rainfall levels are quite common in this region throughout the year with the highest during the winter and spring months so take a umbrella just in case.

Don't let the tranquilness of this city fool you into thinking it's not a power player in the world of finance.What exactly does that mean to a traveler? Plain and simple, this city has the financial backing to house and maintain high profile attractions to entertain any tourist, ranging from world-class museums to amusement parks.

A few must visit places would include The Vancouver Art Gallery which features one of Canada's finest artist Emily Carr, the Orpheum Theatre, The Ford Centre for the Performing Arts, Vancouver Aquarium, H. R. MacMillan Planetarium, and last but not least the Maritime Museum. That list should keep you busy the entire time in Vancouver but just in case it don't get off the beaten path.

I'm a sucker for local atmosphere so visits to ethnic communities such as China Town were surely on my list.Speaking of which, Vancouver has a very large China Town District so do stop in when in Vancouver and eat to your heart's delight.

If you find yourself wanting to do some ferrying go to Vancouver Island and watch the sun set, what a glorious picture. Looking for a vacationing spot? Look no further than Vancouver, a picture perfect city on the west coast of Canada.








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Photos courtesy of Pat&Tom Leeson