Want To Lose Weight? - Pamper Yourself

Want To Lose Weight? - Pamper Yourself
by Wendy Hearn

When wanting to lose weight, Iíve found that most people focus on the food that they should or shouldnít be eating. They spend so much time and energy focusing on the food and very little time actually focusing on themselves.

When you focus on yourself and take extra special care of yourself, you will be left feeling valued and worthy as a person. This will give you confidence and increase your self-esteem. It will also leave you wanting to eat healthier foods when you take time to care for yourself.

Letís take a look at caring for yourself and concentrate on pampering you. Firstly, give yourself permission to pamper yourself and do what it takes to feel okay with this. You are worthy of taking this time for yourself and what I want for you is to believe this.

What would being pampered look like to you? If youíre not sure ask yourself "What do I often say I would love to do?" and yet many reasons come into your mind for not doing it. Being pampered will mean different things to each person and choose what feels good for you. Perhaps its:

    ∑ A massage

    ∑ some time off work to do exactly what you want

    ∑ new hairstyle

    ∑ bath with candles,

When you treat yourself well and pamper yourself, you are more likely to find that you want to treat your body well with healthier eating and exercising. This is why I believe that pampering yourself is a great way to start the process towards weight loss. It is a much more positive approach than following restrictive diets.

What would support you in being pampered? Do you need someone to look after the children? If you donít have the money to pay for a massage, how about asking a friend to help? If you feel that you have too much to do at home, work or in your business, do you need help in prioritising or delegating some of it.

Identify what you need and ask for it. Team up with a friend, colleague or coach to receive the support and encouragement that you need. Come on, youíre worth it !

Pampering yourself releases tension and restores the balance in your life. When you feel more relaxed and balanced, your approach to food is likely to be more balanced. This is what healthy eating is all about, finding a balance with food.

I can hear many of you saying that you donít have the time at the moment and when you get time youíll do it. That time will probably never come and itís up to you to make the time for yourself. Donít wait to do this, start it today. Everything will still go on around you and you will be more able to deal with it after pampering yourself.

After pampering yourself, take a few minutes to answer these questions. How do you feel? Do you feel special? How do you feel now about eating? Use your answers as inspiration to commit to pampering yourself more often.

Pampering is one of the best forms of self-love and when you love yourself in this way, eating healthily will become more natural for you. You will want to eat the foods that are best for your body as you believe that youíre worth it. This allows you to move away from giving yourself a hard time and following restrictive diets that leave you feeling a failure.

Iíve found that when Iím tempted to eat and yet donít feel hungry itís work asking myself. What can I do that feels pampering to me? This often shifts my thinking away from food and on to caring for myself.

Youíve read this and thought yes this is what I want to do, now for the tougher question. What will it take for you to get into action, pamper yourself and commit to this regularly?

Wendy Hearn
Weight Loss Success Coach
Author of "The Top 10 Things That Stop YOU From Losing Weight" I work with people who want to lose weight and have a great life. I offer individual and group coaching, via the telephone or email.
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Copyright 2000, Wendy Hearn. All rights reserved.



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