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If you're thinking about advertising in The Leather Spinsters Newsletter or Leather Spinsters on The Web you will need to know who the readers are and what they expect from our advertisers. Our readers are:

Compiled from September 2019 to December 2020

heterosexual 87%
Nevermarried females 60%, Divorced females 28%, widowed females 9%, males 3%
Average age 45
College educated 63%
Home owners 52%
Invest in personal financial plans, mutual funds, bonds,IRA,etc
Made plans to live lifetime alone 59%
Parents 48%
Have an automobile 80%
Drives a car less than 2 years old 73%
63% live within the continental United States, 30% Canada, less than1% Britain
57% of readers regularly shop online
43% are annual vacationers
Earns on average 105,000K per year

Our readers respond positively to certain ads so if you want to launch an ad campaign aimed at this segment of the population your ads must:

1. See them as normal members of society.
2. Tailor your ads to this demographic.Don't assume ads that get responses from other demographics will generate the same with single women.
3. Respect them as wise decision-makers financially and otherwise.
4. Don't mention costs in ads if over $2,000. Sell the audience on the benefits of having whatever it is you're selling and encourage them to contact you for more information.
5. Tasteful ads are appreciated ads (vulgar and hateful ads repels).
6. Ads should scream integrity and truthfulness. Give option(s) just in case they're not satisfied with product or service.

Understanding our readers is a must if you would like to effectively sell your products and services to them. The above information was provided as courtesy to our advertisers so they may reap more financial rewards from our readers.

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St.Mary Publishing Company of Houston does not guarantee our readers responses and purchases to the various products and services offered by advertisers. All liabilities and or damages are assumed by the advertisers.