When They Say You Can't Know You Can

When They Say You Can't Know You Can
    The magic word today is GOALS.

When people say you can't achieve something those people are usually speaking from fear. Fear they've imposed on their own lives and out of selfishness they try to spread their hopeless mentality to others.

If I had a nickel for each time people who supposely meant well told me I couldn't do something I would be a trillionaire. You can't let others who're afraid of risk taking to sideline your dreams. When you put your goals on paper you're taking a risk, you run the risk of being ridiculed or bombarded with bad advice on the hopes of scaring you from your intentions.When you truly desire a change in your life doesn't matter if it's career,your body, or acquiring more material wealth the risks involved are worth enduring.

I can't imagine a life inwhich I wondered aimlessly accepting whatever chance throws my way. I know people who exist in that mindset and they're always blaming others for their shortcomings, they're never the one responsible for lost opportunities.

If you're expecting more from life, than the usual handouts and meager living arrangements, then you must learn to dream and DREAM BIG. Yes I said learn. Most of us think goal setting is a natural process for everybody, it's not. Most of us who create goals for ourselves do so effectively so a lesson in goal setting is needed.

  1. Positive Statement: express your goals positively:

  2. Be Precise: if you set a precise goal, putting in dates, times and other specific information so achievements can be measured.

  3. Set Priorities: rate your goals according to their importance if you have several goals. This helps you to avoid feeling overwhelmed and helps to direct your attention to the most important ones.

  4. Write goals down to avoid confusion and give them more force. It also helps to visualize more clearly your mission which is to meet your goal.

  5. Write down all the possible ways you can think of to reach each goal you have written.Then pick from the list those things you have determined would help you reach your goals then begin applying them. Example: If my goal is to lose twenty pounds in three months then I might find adding some form of daily exercise to my life as one of the means of reaching my weightloss goal.

  6. Keep Immediate Goals Small: Keep the goals you are working towards immediately (i.e. goals for today) small and achievable. If a goal is too large then it can appear you are not making progress towards it.


Every morning upon waking and at night before sleep read through your goals, visualizing them as you would like them to appear in reality. Experience achieving your goals, let your daydream be vivid utilizing as many of your senses as possible. For example if one of my goals is to be a professional writer I would visualize myself sitting at a desk writing with ease, feeling the keys of the keyboard against my fingers. I would be able to see my writing awards on my wall or smell the rich leather of my desk chair.

Visualization is the frosting on the cake, it keeps our goals within focus. Follow this exercise every morning and be amazed by the results. As long as you live you'll be told what you can't accomplish, know it is you who is the deciding factor on what you can and can not accomplish. Remember, goal setting is the mapping of our intended directions in life. To live without setting goals is to wonder aimlessly through life accepting whatever happens to you as CHANCE. Mastering goal setting is your key to achieving all you desire, leading you past the obstacles imposed by the minds of those fearful of risk taking.