Cheap And Effective Ways To Promote Your Business

Cheap And Effective Ways To Promote Your Business
by K. Marie Parker

If you are a current business owner or a new business start up, it is imperative that you find inexpensive ways to market your business. I have put together a few handy tips that you may find will not only fit your budget, but will prove as effective as some of the more expensive ways of marketing most of us try to avoid if possible. Enjoy and pass it on!

Tip #1: "Litter" Your Business Cards

Leave Your business cards everywhere you go! Place them in restaurants with a tip, in books at the bookstore, magazines and journals that apply to your business. Send them with your bills! Place them on bulletin boards, in your hair salon or barber shop. Use your imagination. Be creative. Any place where people are likely to go is usually a good place!

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Tip #2: Use Postcards For Marketing!

Postcards are a very inexpensive way of marketing your business. Plus, if your card is standard size, you can mail each postcard for less than you would if you decided to mail a letter. It's best to have a "no fuss" postcard rather than a fancy postcard that someone will eventually trash. Keep the postcard short and to the point but make sure you have a catchy headline. Make sure the colors are bright and will grab the attention of the reader. (Bright yellow card with black text is a good choice.) Web cards are a great choice of you have a web site for your business. It is a fun and inexpensive way to promote your biz! Visit: I also recommend Beaver Prints for general printing needs, they have very professional designs and their rates are so affordable! Request a free catalog: 1-814-742-6070 has a fun and inexpensive assortment of postcards as well as letterhead and brochures. Marketing pro Bob Leduc, offers a great, low cost manual that shows you how to build your business fast with postcards. For more information, visit:


Tip #3: Start An Affiliate Program

Many business owners are seeing the benefits of starting an Affiliate program. You simply allow your customers to earn a commission rate of 5-50% for referring you new business! You can have your Affiliates link to your site and display a banner advertising your products or bus- iness opportunity on their web site. For free banner designs visit: When new customers click on your link, they earn a commission when that customer buys a product or signs up for your business opportunity. Clickbank offers a wonderful free affiliate tracking program Learn the details by visiting their web site at: If you want to go "big time", visit:

Tip #4: Be Creative!

Here is a unique marketing tip for businesses who make personal contact with their customers, or visit trade shows or business expos on a regular basis. Professional presentation is a must. Why not make it unique and something your prospects or customers will remember? Visit: They offer fun and creative boxes that can be used for personalized marketing. There are many fun designs to choose from and they are not just for donuts! Many Entrepreneurs use them as a way to deliver their product or business opportunity info in a creative way. An added bonus is that these boxes are very affordable!

Tip #5: Increase Your Profits With Affordable E-commerce Solutions

If you are online and don't accept credit cards your business is most likely losing money. The more options you give your many visitors the better. Your site should be user-friendly and should allow visitors to make credit card purchases if they desire to. Accepting credit cards adds credibility to your business and could very well triple your sales! I have reviewed many E-commerce provider web sites. Many of these providers charge high rates and have added fees for just about anything they can legally get away with! I have found a company that offers very affordable rates and they require no application fee, no set up fee, no monthly lease or monthly statement fees. Low discount rates and real-time processing. You don't have to know HTML and your funds are deposited into your account the same day. Secure server and shopping carts/Internet store also included. Now that is a good service! They can set you up online fast for only $49.95 a month. For more information Visit:

Tip #6: Swap Ads With E-zine Publishers

Many online e-zine publishers will allow you to advertise for free in their e-zine if you advertise their ad in your e-zine. (If you don't have an e-zine start one up!) This is an awesome and free way to market your business. Here are some e-zine publishers below that allow ad swapping.

    1) Global Net News
    Contact: Dave Everett
    Circulation: 265 Published:

    2) Ezine Directory Notes
    Contact: Ruth Townsend
    Circulation: 2,093
    Published: 1st and 3rd week of the month.

    3) 101 Opportunities
    Contact: Anne Campbell
    Circulation: 600
    Published: weekly Mondays

    4) Cyberlife Ezine
    Contact: Marie Parker
    Circulation: 50+
    Published: Biweekly

Tip # 7: Make A Free Offer!

These extremely competitive days one has to do more than just offer a nice 30 day money back guarantee for a product. You are going to have to go the extra mile. Many online web owners are offering free gifts that can be bought in large amounts very inexpensively and are of value to the consumer. I personally utilize vacation vouchers. These are inexpensive 3 day 2 night certificates with a choice of 20 destinations. Customers love them and who doesn't want to get away? If you would like more information on these affordable vacation certificates email me at: Another great way to attract customers is to offer a free downloadable E-book. These popular e-books are cheap fun, and have a variety of topics. For more information on offering e-books on your site visit:

    1) 2)

Tip #8: Use Promotional Products

I suggest every serious marketer use promotional products such as bumper stickers, magnetic business cards, hats, pens, whatever you can think of to promote your business inexpensively. A great web site for a vast array of these type of promotionals is Nebs. Visit Now!

Tip # 9: Free Prospects!

Want to gather a huge database of prospects for your business for FREE? Utilize your junk mail! This is a very inexpensive way to find fresh prospects especially if you offer business opportunities. I mail a postcard to every person who mails me there promotional material. If they have a toll-free number listed, I will call them and make them a free offer for visiting my web site. No toll calls! (They sent me something first, so I am only following up on their information.) No worries about outdated address and phone number information because your info comes straight from the prospect-not the list broker or mailing list companies. Why pass up free active leads? Start utilizing your junk mail today!

Tip #10: Promote Your Business By Writing Free Articles

If you want to promote your business nationally or internationally, one of the best ways is through writing articles for free distribution in e-zines and home-business publications. One of my mentors, author Bob Leduc, turned me on to this when he allowed me to use his articles in my e-zine for free. It later dawned on me that "free article swapping" is a very profitable and free way to promote your business massively. You don't have to be a gifted writer! If you have information that can be useful to another person than why not just go for it! There are many web sites that will show you how to market your business using e-zines. I have listed some of them here below.


Well, I hope this information will be useful to someone. Start promoting your business inexpensively and effectively today!

Author: K. Marie Parker is a full-time wife and mother of 3 lovely children, and a part-time online marketer and personal home-business coach. You can visit Marie's web site by logging on to: Or mailto: travelbiz@u... Subscribe to Marie's home-biz opportunity e-zine "Cyberlife". Send a blank e-mail to: coastalteam@g...


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